Best Cold Brew Coffee To Make At Home

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Fed up with summer? Want a chilling change to fight the summer heat back? Of course, you can’t wipe out the summer season from the year, but at least you can tackle it with positive energy. And who will give you this positive energy? A cold drink, of course! But as you will need it daily until the summer season ends, it would be necessary to make sure that the drink you take is energetic and healthy. Among many other energy drinks, choosing the best cold brew coffee is the best choice! You will catch the goal of raw juice and a coffee at the same time.

Stay tuned and read the complete article carefully because not only will I share the procedure of making a cold brew coffee at home, but I will also review some of the best cold brew coffee brands for daily use. Also, read about can you use regular ground coffee for cold brew?

What is a cold brew coffee?

A cold brew coffee is a coffee brewed by soaking coffee beans on room temperature water for 12 hours minimum to extract all the oils, sugar, and caffeine from the seeds. It is essential to know that cold brew coffee and iced coffee are different from each other because iced coffee is made with hot water, and then ice is added later.

Check out the brewing method of this cold brew coffee at home.

How to make cold brew coffee at home?

For making a cold brew coffee, add 3 ounces of coarsely grounded coffee with 3 cups of water. Leave it for 12-14 hours and then strain. You will get 2 1/2 cup of it that will serve 5 cups of coffee. This brew will blow your mind.

Best Cold Brew Coffee To Make At Home
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Check out the reviews of the best cold brew coffee for home below:

High Brew Cold Brew Coffee to Make at Home

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High brew cold brew coffee is a strong and dark, bold coffee that comes in a tin pack. This coffee tin has a weight of 8 ounces, and it serves 12 cups in the count. Check out the features of this High brew cold brew coffee below.


  • This cold brew coffee contains 10 calories in each palm-size tin, and it is also stated on the tin.
  • The product is dairy-free.
  • The product contains lower acidity and no bitter taste, no matter if it is bold in flavor.
  • The sweetness and the aroma are a definite plus of this cold brew coffee.
  • In this cold brew, you will get proteins and fiber, so it is totally a whole package with taste.

Pros and Cons

  • The taste is incredible of this cold brew. It is not bitter at all, although it is bold and robust.
  • The collection of proteins, fiber, aroma, and date gives you the satisfaction of spending money.
  • The customer service is excellent. They deliver a gift of coupons and buttons and lacer stickers.
  • The most thoughtful thing about this dark brew cold coffee is that it mentions 10 calories on the front of the can, but the ingredients show that it has 2 calories. That makes uncomfortable what they are up to?
  • The critical ingredient is potassium phosphate in the drink. This is horrible because if you take this drink daily, it will affect your kidney really bad and lead to cardiovascular issues. They should do something about it.

Java House Cold Brew Coffee Pods For Making the Best Cold Brew Coffee at Home

These Java house cold brew coffeedual-usee liquid pods for dual use. Use can use them in cold as well as hot brew coffee. The usage instructions of the edible seeds are stated on the box that comes. You have to keep the pods open, add them on ice in a glass, then put water and mix all the ingredients well. Your brew is ready.

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  • Each box contains 12 pods of 1.35 fluid ounces each.
  • You can make it in a single-serve brewer by following these steps:
  • Place the mug in the single brewing machine, put the pod in place.
  • Select the brew type and turn the start button on. Enjoy the brew.
  • It is quick and easy to make as you have to add 8oz of water in a glass filled with ice after you put the pod in it. Stir, and it is ready to drink.
  • This brew has hints of molasses, cocoa and walnut flavors.
  • The beans used in this brew are hygienic 100% pure Arabica beans steeped in small batches to provide extra delicious and smooth flavor drinks.
  • Where other brews turn out to be bitter in hot water, this brew delivers a level of balanced sweetness and no bitterness at all.

Pros and Cons

  • The brew is delicious in both hot and cold forms.
  • It is not bitter at all.
  • They dilute easily no matter how much quantity you use of them.
  • This brew is best for those who can not take caffeine, so it is the best choice.
  • It is not sweet and overpowering, so if you want decaf, you can add your own sweetener. This is a perfect balanced drink.
  • You can take these pods on trips because they don’t need a Keurig machine for preparation. Just open, then put in a filled iced glass, and pour water. That’s it!
  • The flaw in this brew pods is not the taste, it is not about the quality either. The problem is with packing. Yes, the seeds are packed so horribly wrong that you can not peel them easily. The box is also terrible to open. But the pods are needed to cut and open with a knife!
  • The product is pricy, so if you want a cup of this shot daily, you will be in trouble.

Starbucks Cold Brew Black Unsweetened Coffee

Starbucks cold brew black unsweetened coffee is an unsweetened black coffee packed in a glass bottle, and it serves 6 cups. This brew is also available in vanilla fig and cream and cocoa, and honey and cream flavor other than the unsweetened black mixture. It comes in sweetened flavor as well.

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Check out the features of the black brew unsweetened coffee:


  • This brew is made for a soft flavor, and that’s why the manufacturers have brewed and steeped it with the custom blend.
  • It is perfect for enjoying whether you are at home or take it to the office with you. Because it is easy to make.
  • This black brew is unsweetened.

Pros and Cons

  • The unsweetened flavor is so smooth that you don’t even need to add sugar in it. It is tongue soothing.
  • The cold brew quality is mild, and it is the best shot for those who are fond of cold brew.
  • It is easy and quick to make.
  • As it is a cold brew, so it has less oil and goes smooth with your stomach if you ever take it instead of your bed tea.
  • The price is a bit high, so you think twice while ordering.
  • The manufacturer’s quality maintenance should be improved because there are a few complaints about delivering the expired can with the fresh ones. This is a horrible mistake!

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Bizzy organic cold brew coffee is a sweet blend of organic beans that deliver a smooth taste. It is a coarsely ground coffee made for busy people, in particular, to brew quickly with no mess! The seeds collected for this cold brew are 100% Arabica beans. They are collected from central and south America for hygienic production. The company has worked over 5 years on the quality of this cold brew.

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  • This cold brew is 67% less acidic than any traditional coffee.
  • It is sustainably produced.
  • You can make it quickly by putting 1.5 cups of coarsely ground coffee and 3 cups of water in a jug. Let it sit at room temperature for 12-14 hours, and there you are with the smooth and delicious brew! Enjoy it.
  • The beans used in this brew are medium roasted to avoid any bitterness in taste.
  • Adding milk after brewing will increase the sweetness and smoothness of the drink.
  • The pack contains a weight of 16 ounces.

Pros and Cons

  • The coffee is coarsely ground; that is why it is best to give a smooth taste.
  • This coffee is less acidic, so it is best to have than having any other traditional coffee.
  • The sweetness is leveled, so it is soothing and not overpowering.
  • It is quick and easy to make.
  • It won’t work best for you if you are looking for an unsweetened cold brew coffee


Having the best cold brew coffee to make at home is something that you have to be selective about. Having a vast collection of this cold brew in the market, you wonder which one is the best budget product for you. Also, suppose it is not about the budget issue. In that case, you still have to be selective about a brew that you can make at home, take to your office to enjoy at any time, and store it in a little space.  If it is about all this issue regarding taste, health, and storage issues, check out the one recommended brand below!


Java house cold brew coffee pods are the best cold brew coffee to make at home. These pods are best because they are unsweetened, so any person with diabetes can also enjoy it immediately. Or if you want it sweet, you can add sweetener after brewing it with milk or water.

You can easily store the little pods in your cabinet as the box they arrive in is not huge or heavy to place somewhere. The seeds are easy to make by hand or in a single brewer machine as well. You just have to put them in the machine with water and select the brew type you want.

The problem with this pod is that it is hard to open, so yes, you can use a knife to cut it open, but then the favor is all yours! Make it hot or make it cold, you will get the best out of it. As far as the price is concerned, if you have a 2 in 1 brew, with quality and taste, then the price is a question left behind later. So, get this 2 in 1 Java online or from your nearest store right now and have your wake up call!


How many times can the coffee grounds be used?

They can be used maximum for 6 times.

Is it fine to give 8 hours for coffee extraction in the cold brew process?

It is necessary to give at least 12 hours to cold brew to get the best extraction. However, if you put the drink in the fridge, the time will increase from 12 hours to 24 hours, that’s because the cold temperature will slow down the brewing process. But, 8 hours will not give the best results.

Is it true that cold brew requires more coffee than ice coffee?

Yes, cold brew requires more coffee because it has to steep and extract the flavors and oils, and then it is to be mixed with the water or milk.

What happens if the cold brew coffee is left too long for brewing?

If you leave it too long for brewing, it won’t be crap like hot coffee, but it will give a different taste that is not favorable. However, it won’t expire at all.

How can we know that it is too long for a coffee to brew?

Giving any time more than 24 hours is always a ‘too much brewing time’ for a coffee, resulting in bitter and woody taste.

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