Can You Use Regular Ground Coffee For Cold Brew?

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Being a working person, What is the thing that you need the most? Of course, coffee, right? Because coffee helps you to fight your anxiety and relax your mind. You get rid of tiredness and regain your energy. But all this work out only if you are having a good cup of coffee. A potent brew, aroma, richness, and taste cover the definition of a good cup of coffee. But making a cold brew coffee demands something else. You need coarsely ground coffee for the best brew. In this article, you will learn about using regular ground coffee for cold brew.

Keep reading the article because I will tell you what grounded coffee actually is and will review the best brands of regular ground coffee that you can use to brew at home. Also, you can check the 4 best coffee brewing methods.

What is grounded coffee?

Coffee ground is something that is left after brewing coffee, whether in a machine or by hand. But for easy understanding, you can say that ground coffee is the powder form of coffee beans. Well, it is true. Grounded coffee is the powdered form of coffee beans that are used to brew coffee. It is particularly best to use for iced coffee of cold or hot brew. Also, you can make cappuccino or lattes with grounded coffee as well. As far as the use of this grounded coffee is concerned, you can put 1.5 cups of grounded coffee in 3 cups of water at room temperature for 12-14 hours to extract all the oils, essence and flavor out of the grounds. After that, you can add milk/water in the required amount and enjoy it!

Now the main point is, can you use regular ground coffee for cold brew?

Well, the answer is yes! You can use any of the best readymade regular ground coffee for your cold brew. You can grind your beans freshly at home for a cold drink or you can also buy any ready-made ground or pre-ground coffee for the purpose.

Now, when this confusion is evident now, let me review some of the best-reviewed grounded coffee products, and let’s see which one will work best for the cold brew.

Can You Use Regular Ground Coffee For Cold Brew?
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Maxwell House Wake up Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee

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Maxwell is a well-known name in the world of coffee. Naming after a well-known the hotel called Maxwell House, this brand has introduced a variety of latte flavors, coffee, and cappuccino. It has marked the name in taste.

The medium roast ground coffee is one of Maxwell’s delicious coffee that is a good idea for cold brew. This coffee has the following features:


  • This coffee works best because of its aroma and smooth taste.
  • You can enjoy this coffee with cold brew, hot brew, cream, and sweetener.
  • The beans used in the manufacturing of this product are 100% pure and healthy Arabica beans.
  • The coffee is a kosher product.
  • It is perfect for automatic drip coffee makers.
  • Packed in an unbreakable plastic can, that is easy to store and avoid any fall of beans.
  • Each pack contains a weight of 30.65 oz.

Pros and Cons

  • The smooth taste lets you manage the coffee with sweetener, without sweetener, with cream or without cream.
  • The quality of the beans is up to the mark, so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • The product is not so pricy.
  • The chief complaint received about this product is that instead of mild roast, what people mostly receive is a medium roast.
  • The taste is not favorable for all. That’s because some people say it is smoky, and some call it bitter.

Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee

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Folgers classic roast is a medium roasted ground coffee product that is made with 100% Arabica beans. This product is 100% pure coffee. It comes in a new look that is a reliable plastic container to withstand fall and sudden damage. This brand produces rich flavored ground coffee with strong essence and contains the following features:


  • This product gives rich taste with a powerful aroma and delivers a smooth textured coffee.
  • It is best to make a black silk coffee.
  • The beans used in coffee manufacturing are mountain-grown.
  • The item has a weight of 2.4 pounds.
  • The canister has an interlocking aroma seal cap to keep the fragrance inside the canister always.
  • The brand contains 1-38.4 ounces of coffee in each canister.

Pros and Cons

  • The coffee has a medium roast, so it tastes mild, not overpowering, so it is best for those who love a smooth flavor with a medium roast.
  • The coffee contains full taste but light acidity.
  • The price is genuinely affordable as compared to the quantity.
  • It is a robust coffee and totally satisfying.
  • Don’t depend on brand shipping because the delivery is inferior. The coffee often arrives exploded in the carton, and you have to collect it from the box. Instead, use the Amazon shipping method and order it online.
  • The product is not something satisfying your high demands of coffee. It is because the quality is not that excellent. However, if you are not demanding some perfect brand coffee, then it is worth it, and you can go for it.
  • The taste is also not balanced in all the canisters. If you buy three cartridges all at once, the first one will taste different, and the other two will be different. So the quality gets a 0 mark!
  • The taste is often changed in the canister, and you doubt that whether it is expired, but actually it is not.
  • It tastes like plastic and leaves a lousy aftereffect in the mouth.

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend, Dark Roast Coffee

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Peet’s coffee is a good friend for those who prefer a dark roast, even in a cold brew. This dark roast coffee is a full-bodied coffee with a complex blend of organic beans and a rich flavor.


  • This brand has collected healthy and organic coffee beans from the best coffee producing regions of the world.
  • The manufacturers mark date stamp on the roasted beans to provide the proof of freshly baked ground coffee and recommend using it within 90 days for the perfect taste.
  • The beans used in coffee production are hand-roasted.
  • For a perfect brew, you can add 2 tablespoons of this grounded coffee in 6 ounces of water.
  • The coffee tastes perfect when made in cold water.
  • You can enjoy the real rich flavor after 30 minutes of brewing.

Pros and Cons

  • One of the best things about this coffee is that if you buy this coffee online, particularly from Amazon, you will get a coffee pack with 4 ounces extra than on local stores.
  • The French roast of this coffee is delicious and works best than Starbucks French roast coffee.
  • The coffee tastes burnt, so it is not likely to be purchased by everyone who loves coffee. However, the burnt flavor is not prominent in the cold brew, but still, if you are choosy and don’t like the burnt taste at all, skip the idea of buying this product.
  • The truth about the beans roasting date is of no use because when the beans arrive, they are ancient, and only a few weeks are left for their expiry date.

Dunkin Original blend medium roast ground coffee

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This original blend medium roast coffee is a perfect medium blend by Dunkin Donuts. This coffee has the following features:


  • The grounded coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans.
  • The flavor of this grounded coffee is smooth and soothing and doesn’t leave a bitter effect on the tongue later.
  • It gives the best signature flavor when you follow the ratio of 1 ½ tablespoon of Dunkin’s grounded coffee with 6oz of water.
  • This coffee is ready to serve within a minute after it is brewed.
  • The product has a weight of 12 ounces.

Pros and Cons

  • One of the most important things about this coffee is that it works as a morning booster and gives you low caffeinated coffee.
  • The taste is soothing whether you want a cold brew, hot brew or a cup of cappuccino or latte, this coffee is outstanding in taste and never overpowering.
  • The quality of this coffee is always up to the mark. So you don’t have to worry about it.
  • It tastes the same as high-quality coffee in cafes.
  • It is best for budget-conscious people.
  • Whether you buy a decaf or an original from the market or from an online store, all you get is a bitter taste that is not soothing for everyone. So, if you want something awe-inspiring to drink in the morning, don’t try it.

Summing Up

From all the above-detailed discussion, you have understood that any good regular ground coffee can work best for you to make a cold brew. You can brew a creamy and delicious cappuccino, latte, or hot drink, in fact, not only for a cold beer. This article is an answer to the central question in the coffee brewing world: Can you use regular ground coffee for cold brew? So, yes, you can!

Among a wide variety of grounded coffee brands, I have mentioned the most used coffee brands for a cold or hot brew. You can pick any of the products, as discussed above if you are fussy about your coffee. But if you want a medium roast grounded coffee for a perfect brew, check out the recommendation below:


Suppose you are a medium roast lover and want a single brand for dark coffee, hot brew, cold brew, cappuccino, or even coffee cocktails. In that case, you should try Maxwell House grounded coffee. Now, you must be thinking that in the cons mentioned above, I have stated that the taste is not favorable at all and that people mostly get medium roast instead of mild roast. That is true. It is indeed not a good idea to order a mild roast online.

Because mostly there are chances to face this complaint of getting a medium roast instead of mild roast. However, you can get one from local stores near you, but you have to order them from stores as this mild roast is often short of stock.

Overall, talking about the taste is not much overpowering or too much soothing for a coffee cup. But if you are using it in the cold brew, it will work out well for you. The product is also not pricy at all, so you should give it a try! What do you think?


I will answer the frequently asked question: Can You Use Regular Ground Coffee For Cold Brew?

What is a cold brew coffee? Is cold brew coffee and cold press coffee the same?

Cold brew coffee is also called cold press coffee, cold steeped coffee, or slow-brewed coffee. Cold-brew is the simplest brewing method in which instead of hot water, you use cold water to extract richness and flavors from the oil.

What is the best timing for brewing a cold brew coffee?

Leaving the coffee for 12-14 hours for brewing is the best brew timing for coffee. You have to leave the coffee on room temperature for 12-14 hours for a perfect cold brew. However, many people also prefer brewing timing of 8-12 hours.

How many servings does each cold brew coffee bag give?

Mostly, coffee bags contain the quantity of roundabout 16 ounces, that can give you 22 servings.

What other things can we mix with cold brew coffee?

In cold brew coffee, you can add coconut water by concentrating on coffee in equal parts. It will taste delicious, just like chocolate milk. Also, coffee is strong by nature already, so you can only add ice with it, and that will be enough too.

Can we add flavor syrups in cold brew coffee also?

You can use brown sugar syrup with cinnamon and add in the 12-24 hours brewed cold brew coffee. It will taste rich and sweet. You can add other natural flavoring syrups as well.

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