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As the fall season sets in, the cravings for delicious eatables and drinks increase so far. Then whether it is your favorite food or cold or hot beverage, you need it to enjoy it by watching the setting sun. Now, as it is the Autumn season, coffee is the extensively used hot drink by the majority. Coffee brands understand this craving much more than the coffee consumers themselves. So for the purpose, where they have launched other latte flavors for the seasons, there are fall latte flavors also of different brands and different combinations. You must try iced latte flavors as well.

Fall latte flavors are distinctive with a combination of spice, most of all. However, that’s not the case all the time. I’m going to review some of the most notable brands for their signature lattes in all seasons.

The original donut shop

The original donut shop coffee brand is famous for its 100% pure coffee that is produced with 100% pure Arabica beans. This brand has made a name for its new bold variety of flavors. The consistency and tastes are high, and each pod of this coffee brand contains more fantastic coffee than any other k-cup pods.

Coconut Mocha Fall Latte Flavors

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This mocha flavor is favorable for those who love the combination of coffee with a chocolate donut containing a coconut topping. That’s because this mocha is going to taste the same. So, you don’t need a donut beside it. Furthermore, this mocha is made with medium roast Arabica coffee beans.


  • The mocha contains more bold taste than any other k-cup pods.
  • This mocha is a caffeinated coffee, in fact.
  • 100% pure beans product with 0% artificial flavors.
  • Usually arrives in a 12oz brewed pack.

Pros and Cons

  • The mocha is tasty as well as full of essence.
  • There are only 1 or 2g of carbs in the mocha sachet because of the sugar. The essence reveals that the mocha is entirely sweet.
  • While having this mocha, you don’t need a donut individually, as this flavor is enough as mocha and donut.
  • Readily available in the USA in shops as well as online.
  • The taste is, in fact, not real at all. The feeling is inadequately fake.
  • Sometimes the selling strategy is weak enough. There will be no boxes at times, and you have to manage k-cup pods in your kitchen somehow.
  • The sweetness is cloying in all. You can not do with the utter sweetness even if you add cream in it.

Peppermint Bark Fall Latte Flavors

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The peppermint bark flavor is also good to go with the fall season, as this is what you crave. The product is not costly at all as it comes up with 72 cups, whether you order it online or buy from a store close to your house. The peppermint bark flavor has the following features:


  • This mocha flavor is made with lighter roasted Arabica beans.
  • The flavor is not intense; it is medium and far better than Starbucks peppermint mocha as it is not overpowering.
  • If you take creamy mocha, then you don’t need to add sugar in it as it contains average sweetness. However, if you choose black mocha, then the sugar will be required.

Pros and Cons

  • The flavor is undoubtedly appealing and has a high number of thumbs up from the users.
  • The white chocolate touch with a hint of peppermint is a definite plus if you love peppermint or whether if you are trying it for the first time.
  • This mocha is an excellent choice for those who drink coffee, but at the same time, don’t like the smell as well. That’s because the essence of peppermint covers the coffee smell.
  • The flavor is seemingly good. However, many customers have claimed that the taste can’t be used regularly as the peppermint flavor is a little bit odd and bright in it. However, it is good to have it often.


Now, as I have often discussed that Starbucks is famous for making a vast assortment of coffees, lattes, cappuccino, and much more. Here are also the flavor lattes available for the fall season. Though there are assorted flavors for the fall season, yet I’m going to review the most demanding tastes that are signature lattes as well.

Peppermint Mocha Cafe Latte K Cups

The peppermint mocha is a combination of chocolate and the peppermint flavor with a blend of the smooth and balanced cafe latte. This latte comprises of the following features:


  • The mocha is entirely made with 100% pure and healthy Arabica beans.
  • It tastes velvety soft and creamy.
  •  The flavor is available for a temporary period.

Pros and Cons

  • This mocha is a blend of light mint and chocolate.
  • It is produced with dairy and real cocoa with a 100% authentic mint flavor.
  • The peppermint flavor is intense.
  • The chocolate and dairy blend with the peppermint note is a good deal, but still, it is too strong that it is not favorable to all.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice is the signature flavor of Starbucks fall lattes. This flavor is mainly meant to take with hot milk. The latte leaves spellbound as it leaves a creamy, frothy, and rich taste on the taste buds.


  • This latte is made with the real Starbucks coffee.
  • Natural pumpkin flavor and real spices are used in the production.
  • There are 15 single-serving packets in a box.
  • The net weight is 4.5 ounces.

Pros and Cons

  • The price, according to 15 servings, is budget-friendly as compared to a cup of this latte in Starbucks cafe.
  • It is rapid and comfortable as you just have to mix the latte in hot milk, and there you go!
  • It is neither very strong or bitter, it is nor incredibly sweet. Enjoy it, as much as you can, so get the most out of it.
  • The packaging is also reliable.
  • The only flaw of this latte is that it is not available for the whole year. It arrives only in the Autumn season.

Maxwell House

What I have found is that this brand meets the needs of customers as it understands the scramble of people, so it has produced very quick and easy lattes. The coffee, as well as the lattes, are delightful.

Talking about their lattes, they are instant flavor lattes that you just have to add in hot water or milk.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

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The pumpkin spice latte is what I decided to review first of all. Now when I bought it, I was really obsessed with it as I needed a powder latte, and it helped me out with this. And the several features that I discovered of this latte are that:


  • The powder gets perfectly frothy and creamy when you add hot water or milk in it.
  • The creamy consistency of the latte is enhanced when you add a little soy milk on the topping.
  • The latte can be of healthy as well as mild taste, as you can use the powder according to your desire. I mostly add more powder than recommended to get a strong flavor.

Pros and Cons

  • The flavor is rich and tasty, and there is no bad odor in the mouth later.
  • Unlike many other latte powders, there will be no lumps when you mix it in hot water or milk. It will be a smooth liquid.
  • Perfect choice for the sensitive belly and even protects from heartburn afterward.
  • The taste is so light that you can’t feel the spice and pumpkin at all. This is not the one for relishing the fall season.
  • Quite expensive as compared to the product available.

Chai Latte

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Chai latte by Maxwell is a flavored latte to allow you to enjoy both coffee and tea flavor at the same time. Again, it is easy to make and relish as you just have to add the powder in milk or in hot water. However, hot milk doesn’t mean boiling milk. This latte comes up in particular packaging now to give a more lock-in-fresh pack, so the latte is more decadent.


  • It is perfect for those who are concerned about kosher items.
  • Each package arrives with 17 servings.
  • Each cup of latte comprises of 1.5 grams of fat and 60 calories.
  • The canister of the latte is resealable so that the freshness remains the same.
  • This latte contains dairy.

Pros and Cons

  • The production quality is excellent.
  • The taste is light that is good for those who love a lighter note.
  • The essence is delightful.
  • This product is not readily available in local stores, so you have to order online.


Nescafe has won a great name in the world of coffee. Starting the product manufacturing from Switzerland on 1st April 1938, this brand has covered the whole world for a coffee supply today. Discovering the latte flavors of this brand, I found myself in a dilemma that which characteristics shall I review from the Autumn latte flavors. So, I picked two of the most commonly used characters in the fall season. Let’s have a look.

Hazelnut Latte

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Hazelnut latte is tasty and instant making product by Nescafe gold. On the packaging, the product has a description for allergic customers that it contains milk and Lactose.

The features of this product are stated below.


  • The product is manufactured with utmost care under great observation, and the beans used in this latte are grown with hygiene methods.
  • This latte is very light, soft, and frothy with a delicate essence of hazelnut.
  • The latte contains skimmed milk with sugar.
  • This latte is a mixture of Arabica and Robusta healthy coffee beans.

Pros and Cons

  • The latte is handily available in the USA in almost all stores and cafes.
  • The latte is tasty and creamy.
  • The packaging of the product is also lovely and reliable.
  • The product is expensive than other brand’s lattes.

Caramel Cafe Latte

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This latte is perfect for those who don’t have enough time to make a latte at home, and at the same time, they desire a cafe flavored latte. As this latte is instant making and hard to figure out whether it is taken from any cafe or made from a sachet, it is admired by Nescafe fans. The caramel latte flavor is a definite plus for mocha lovers to relish while working. 

Now, the question is, how this latte is instant? Well, that’s because it is 3 in 1. Yes, the latte already has milk, real caramel flavor, and sugar. You just need to add hot water, and there you go! No need to brew a coffee now.


  • This latte has got a thumbs up for 0% bitterness.
  •  The latte has a ground bean coffee flavor.
  • It is packed up in handy sticks.
  • Each pack contains 5 sticks ready to use.
  • There is no need for creamer as it is already added in the packet.

Pros and Cons

  • The latte is entirely frothy. It gives the impression of cafe mocha.
  • The best reason to try this latte is that it is available with a money-back guarantee for you! You can try it by adding it to the cart, and within 15 days, if you don’t like it, then you can have your money back.
  • It is not overly sweet and has a balanced flavor that can be enjoyed.
  • The sticks packaging is not as good as if you try to tear it open, it will be everywhere. So you need a scissor for that.
  • The cream is not of good quality as the latte doesn’t get the creamy texture as it should do.
  • The combination of caramel and cream in this latte has not done well. That’s because it tastes like hot chocolate for kids, and that is not what a coffee latte is expected to be.


When I reviewed all these brands personally and with public reviews, I came to find that none of these have any “horrible” flaws in quality or taste. As Nescafe, Maxwell, Starbucks, and The original donut are some of the best selling brands for coffee and latte production. It is hard to accept or reject any one of them.

However, I’m going to recommend Starbucks that is easily accessible all over the USA and is trending.


The recommended brand is Starbucks, of course, because of the primary fall flavors of this brand i.e., peppermint mocha latte and pumpkin spice fall latte flavors.

These flavors are hygienic and real, and they are readily available online or even at grocery stores. So, if you want to relish these temporary latte flavors this season, go get them now!


How can we spice up lattes?

Well, it is quite simple, you can just add cappuccino, a dash of cinnamon, and also you can add some tea if you want.

What kind of taste does pumpkin spice latte have? Is it worth trying?

Pumpkin spice is, of course, worth trying however it depends on the user’s taste. There is the flavor of notes of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla with a lighter taste of pumpkin.



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