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If you take coffee regularly, then you should go for the best coffee brands. Why? Because using a lower brand coffee may cause infliction to your health.

But even taking coffee for years, you might still be unaware of the best coffee brands for french press?

Well, coffee beans come from Coffea species plants. The coffee beans grow inside coffee plant berries. They are available in different brand names and are of basically three types: Liberica, Robusta, and Arabica. If you want instant coffee, then, of course, you can check single-serve coffee makers. But what if you’re going to brew coffee at home in the French press? Which coffee brands are good for coffee beans to brew coffee at home?

Top 4 the best Coffee Brands

You can find the best following brands of coffee beans with the best reviews. The highest-rated coffee beans brands are

  1. Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee.
  2. Primos Coffee Co.
  3. Koffee Kult Dark Roasfee Beans.
  4. Kicking Horse Whole Bean

Let’s check out what these coffee brands are offering and why they are in the top rating list?

Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee

Two volcanoes whole bean coffee is the best choice for those who drink coffee twice or thrice like me. That’s because of its fragrance and taste.


  •  Its fragrance and taste are everlasting.
  •  The coffee beans come from a well known and the most admiring coffee family that are Arabica coffee beans.
  •  Budget-friendly as compared to cafes and espresso bars.

Buying Guide

The coffee is available on Amazon in a 16oz pack that is freshly cultivated, processed, and packed in San Marcos, Guatemala. Guatemala is renowned for being on the list of the top 10 countries of the world to produce the best coffee.

That is the main reason for the massive sale of Two volcanoes of whole bean coffee. So if you want a medium to strong taste, then this coffee is made for you! Take the delighted taste with astonishing fragrance and enjoy your coffee as much as you want.

Pros and Cons


  • It is the best single-origin coffee with a lighter chocolate taste.
  • There is low acidity consistency with a medium roast.
  • Always fresh in flavor and fragrance


  • It is not the right choice if you want dark coffee. The taste is not up to the fill.
  • The lighter oil on the beans is gone after opening the pack. So you can’t feel the oil in the coffee.
  • It tastes like burned beans if you don’t add enough beans and sugar.

If you want a darker one and do not like smoky and burnt flavor, then let’s check out if the other one is for you.

Primos Coffee Co.

If you are crazy about the coffee taste and flavor, then you must try Primos Coffee brand at least once! And then you can never think of trying other brands after this! Because the manufacturers of this brand have sustained with medium roasted coffee beans having citrusy, creamy, and sweet bean flavor.

Coffee lovers admire the rich taste with a lasting sweetness in the mouth.

Is it good for French Press?

Now, before I get more questions from coffee lovers, let me tell it by myself that Primos delivers only pre-ground coffee beans. Maybe this is not good news for those who prefer grounded coffee, but as we are looking for Coffee beans for the French press, so this is the perfect product.

How It Is Processed?

Talking about the processing method, the farmers cover the cherries of Arabic coffee beans with a canopy. They harvest the cherries by hand, and to keep maintenance of the quality, they make it sure to pick only the ripened cherries. They wetly milled the cherries daily with mineral water, so the beans are left alone to use.

Likewise, they further wash the beans thoroughly and dry them naturally in the fresh air that is entirely hygienic, and sunlight also plays a role in draining the beans. Further, the manufacturers roast the beans carefully in the small roasting batches, and so, the seeds are medium roasted.

After roasting, the final coffee beans result in splendid aroma and seeds that are delicious and fragrant when brewed in a French press.


  • The brand comes up with medium roasted coffee beans having citrusy, creamy, and sweet bean flavor.
  • The quality of this brand is guaranteed as the seeds are grown strictly under a hygienic environment and are processed to keep up with the premium quality and customer’s satisfaction.
  • The product comes up in two types of roasts that are dark roast and medium roast.
  • Customers love the medium roast as this type has a subtle flavor, not harsh to taste at all.
  • Both the roast types of this coffee are best for the French press coffee brewing method, and also, there is a choice to pick one roast of your taste.
  • The dark roast is for the customers who want a bitter and sharp flavor coffee.

Pros and Cons


  • The coffee beans are splendid in fragrance and are delicious and rich in taste when brewed in a French press.
  • The flavor of the French media brewed coffee is enhanced after brewing and becomes more luscious in taste.
  • When grounded in a French press, the natural beans’ oil is also brewed, which is mouth-watering.
  • It tastes good with or without cream.
  • Perfect and easy beans to roast.


  • The brand has only produced whole bean coffee, so it’s not good news for those who want instant grounded coffee.
  • There is mostly funky-sour smell whenever you open up the bag.
  • The beans are always over-roasted.

Koffee Kult

Now if I talk about the production of Koffee Kult, the beans are present in Indonesia, Africa, Central, and South America, from over 50 countries all over the world that produce high-quality coffee beans. And yes, to inform you, these coffee beans are Arabica coffee beans.

Koffee Kult is the most famous and also a competitor of many other coffee brands. That’s because, in South Florida, people use this brand in cafes, restaurants, coffee and espresso bars, and many other public places. With time, restaurants and cafes are increasing in number widely, and all the new public locations are demanding Koffee Kult, so the supply of this brand is in small batches currently up to 30 pounds.

High-Quality Beans

The demand for this brand is due to the high quality and taste of course, and to maintain this quality, manufacturers take special care from the process of picking the beans till roasting them. The farmers pick the seeds and check them thrice while choosing, and the roaster also rechecks them after cooking, for satisfaction, and for avoiding any defected grain.

So, if you want a pure and rich oily taste of coffee, bring Koffee Kult at your home for French press and enjoy it in your style.


  • The medium roast has succeeded in providing the caramel-like taste with a combination of mind-blowing fragrance.

  • The Arabica coffee beans are a unique mixture of beans collection from Brazil and Columbia to produce a smooth, everlasting effect in the mouth.

  • This brand is a whole package of freshly roast and hygienic coffee seeds that are 100% Arabica Gourmet bend.

Pros and Cons


  • This brand is the best choice as the taste is smoother despite dark roast.
  • The coffee tastes like dark chocolate that you love to drink.
  • This is made from beans that are full of caffeine.


  • Although the brand claims it to be a dark roast, it is actually a medium roast only.
  • The flavor is not good at all for espresso as it gives sour shots back to back.
  • There are several complaints that the coffee beans broke the grinder as there were stones in them. So, the quality is not maintained.
  • The taste seems to be dusty and feels like an ashtray.

Kicking Horse Whole Bean

While discussing Kicking horse whole beanI have to clear that I’m talking about 454 horsepower dark roast here. That is because Kicking horse comes up with different blends that are exciting of 13 different flavors, starting from lighter taste to dark coffee.

If I talk about the taste of this brand, the producers opted for Arabica coffee beans (looks like all the coffee brands know how to win the hearts of coffee lovers by selecting Arabica), and they have selectively taken and processed the beans to maintain a standard flavor.

This brand is well known for its dark roast, and this roast gives a robustly smoky flavor. However, if I talk on the whole of this brand, the brand tastes medium smoky.

The legumes are rich in flavor, and you can use them to make espresso. However, you have to keep in mind that while making espresso, you should not use the automatic espresso machine. Well, because these seeds are extra oily and can leave more oil if you grind them in an espresso machine. That may result in clogging.

Although, you can use coffee beans in a variety of ways as every coffee lover his/her taste and choice, yet the best and real way to use this coffee is to make it in a French press.

Of course, that is what I’m explaining in this article; however, that’s not what only customers can figure out from the brewed coffee. That is something the official website of Kicking Horse states.

Brewing Style

But still, the manufacturers understand that the brewing style of the customers may be different, so they have made the coffee beans up to the mark so that any brewing method can be perfect for the dark coffee. The dark coffee beans are also available in grounded coffee but this grounded coffee is available only in 10oz packets.

Do you think that how they go through all the process to maintain the quality? Well, the company makes sure to give reasonable pay rates to the farmers so that they may earn some profits and also keep reinvesting.


  •  It is made sure to select only organic beans, and so, these beans are grown under shady trees and picked by hand.

  • The aroma of this coffee can leave you spellbound even when you just open the pack. The beans, when brewed, don’t lose the smell, and you can feel it with the smoky taste while drinking.

  •  The oily beans enrich the flavor when brewed in a French press.

  • Kicking Horse delivers both quality and quantity at the same time, so you can keep deciding which one to appreciate first!

Pros and Cons


  • The taste is excellent, as well as the fragrance is.
  • Much cheaper than any other dark roast coffee.
  • The flavor is healthy; however, not harsh to taste.


  • The quality is not balanced as often the beans are dry and broken inside the pack, and often they are too oily.
  • The seeds are, though, darkly roasted, yet the taste like smoke and burnt beans is not acceptable by many customers.
  • The coffee is not up to the description, as there is no fragrance or taste of chocolate at all.

Kick Horse Coffee Buying Guide

If you belong to the US, then you can easily get almost all the flavors of the Kicking Horse coffee beans from Amazon, which is very exciting as many features are not available in all the stores in the US. So you have that favor.

However, to get online from Canada, the official website is there for Canadian coffee lovers. Nonetheless, there are also store locators available on the official website to locate the nearest store with the original product, so you can order your dark coffee.

Summing Up

Still, there are also other French press pre-ground coffee brands, but I have stated above the best coffee brands for the French press. Yet, these brands have several drawbacks and are not up to the mark. So, which one will you use?

In my opinion, they have not offered enough to satisfy their taste and quality.

But however, Primos Coffee is way better than others as it comes up with two types of roasts, so it’s portable for anyone. However, as far as the intense taste is concerned, a good whip of cream with sugar will work for it(what I have concluded), so try for once.

So, which brand will you choose for French brewing coffee, whether Primos, Two Volcanoes, Koffee Kult, or Kicking Horse for your desired taste?

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