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Are you a working person and remain busy the whole day at work? Don’t get time to relax or walk around? Then obviously you need something soothing and relaxing to take a break from the boredom of daily life. How about a good shot of espresso or cappuccino? This will work as an energy booster so you can carry on with your work. But you need to leave home to go to the café and order one for you. So, that’s why today I’m going to review the best cappuccino maker for home. That will let you make your favorite cappuccino at home in a budget, and you wouldn’t have to leave the house. How is that? Keep reading!

Also, go through the best single serve coffee maker guide before we get started.

The Best espresso maker for a home under $1000

One of the best cappuccino maker for a home is Breville, the Barista espresso machine.

Breville The Barista Espresso Machine

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Breville BES870XL Barista usable home espresso is ready to give you a shot of café style espresso with the best taste in just one minute. This machine grinds the beans before extraction. It has interchangeable filters too. The best feature of this machine is that it has both manual and automatic system options like a professional espresso machine in cafes.

This espresso maker maintains a perfect measurement of 19-22g of grounded coffee to give you the richest taste with a perfect blend. Adding a little bit more amount will change the desired results.

If you are wondering why this machine is among the list of the best cappuccino makers for home, then check out the following features.


  • The grinding size selection option is on the machine. You can grind any size of beans by selecting the crushing size and can take a perfect blend.
  • The digital temperature control of this espresso machine ensures to give you the optimal espresso by providing the water at the perfect temperature.
  • The temperature of the machine promotes milk richness. It creates a bubbly foam to give the cappuccino a perfect velvety touch like cafes.
  • The bean hopper capacity of this machine is 1/2lb, while the water tank capacity is 67oz.
  • It is a hands-free system as you just have to add the right amount of grounded coffee and wait for the perfect espresso.
  • The machine comes with 1 year of warranty.
  • The power of this machine is 1600 watts, and it takes 120 volts.

Pros and Cons

  • The irresistible body of this machine is best according to the price.
  • It gives the most lavish shot.
  • One of the best qualities of this machine is that it is both automatic and manual. So, you can use the automatic set up when you are busy elsewhere and can use a manual step to take the espresso of your desire
  • There are complaints about the coffee beans grinder that produces ridiculous noise and stops working even within a month. The customer service of the brand is even worse as they don’t respond to you for the complaint.
  • The machine stops pushing water to the portafilter very often, and here also, it creates strange sounds that are not normal. Many devices do this from the beginning or after several uses. Still, this fault is sure to be found by every customer.
  • If you are unlucky to have a problem with this machine, you will never be able to find the spare parts as Breville doesn’t produce them. Instead, they claim to repair the device with around $200-300, including shipment. But it is possible if they ever respond to your complaint.

Phillips Fully Automatic Espresso machine/ Milk Frother

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Phillips 3200 series comes up with ultimate features and a graceful model under $1000. Whether you want Espresso Lungo, hot water, coffee, or espresso, you can instantly get all of these drinks from Phillips 3200 cappuccino making machine.

The machine comes up with the 3 steps of temperature settings so you can get the ideal temperature. Also, you can adjust the espresso aroma with 3 levels.

 This machine gives more than 5000 cups of espresso shots. Without single damage or flaw. It has a touch display and its frequency of 60HZ.

The machine arrives with the following features.


  • You can get a cup of desired milky drink with a full foam whenever you want. The classic milk frother allows for brewing a milk froth cappuccino, and this frother system is easy to clean.
  • The durable ceramic grinder is durable, and it works with 12 steps so you can take ground or a thick one as per desire.
  • The aqua clean filter gives the aromatic espresso. After cleaning the screen, you can make more than 50,000 cups of espresso without escaping the machine.
  • The machine weighs 20.3 pounds.
  • The model number is EP3221/44.
  • It requires lubrication after 500 servings.
  • You have to use none oily coffee beans in the machine because it’s brewing creates natural oil.

Pros and Cons

  • This machine has a double cup option so you can make two cups of espresso at the same time. It is good to save time.
  • The temperature and aroma setting options are worth it as you can make a perfect brew of your choice with the desired flavor and essence.
  • The classic milk frother makes a velvety smooth and delicious taste.
  • The machine is user friendly as you just have to follow the instructions, and you can make a perfect espresso.
  • The machine requires to be cleaned after a week, and it is not a difficult task after thousands of espresso.
  • The metal drip tray scratches easily, so its quality should be improved.
  • The milk frother is not the best one as the milk is never as frothy as desired. It always remains thin, unlike in other machines.
  • Milk can’t be frothed without a coffee in machines. If you desire to froth milk only then, it won’t help.
  • There should be a mark or a label on the machine to alert for the water tank’s minimum water. You can not figure out when the container is going to be empty.

There are different types of espresso makers in the market with various aspects and different price ranges. The above mentioned two of the best cappuccino maker machine for home are available under $1000 range. But if you have a lower budget, then check out the following cappuccino makers under $500.

The Best Cappuccino maker for a home under $500

Among many other espresso makers, I have opted for Mr. Coffee espresso maker for its huge fan following.

Mr. Coffee Espresso/cappuccino maker

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 Mr. Coffee is a semi-automatic espresso, coffee, and latte maker that comes with a 15 bar pump system to brew the best coffee of desire. The one-touch control of the machine lets you make the espresso without wasting any time. There is a removable milk reservoir for leftover milk that was not used in the brewing. You can fill this container and let the machine decide the amount it requires.

It is one of the best cappuccino makers for home because it is easy and quick to use. You just have to select the single or double shot, select the ground you want, add milk in the reservoir, and select the brew you desire.


  • It is a semi-automatic machine that makes cappuccino, espresso, and lattes.
  • The machine takes 1040 watts.
  • Its cord length is 26 inches, so you can easily set it at any safe place.
  • The machine weighs 10.4 pounds.
  • It is made of stainless steel with a one-touch control panel to select drinks you want to make.
  • It is easy to use as you can quickly fill and remove the water and milk reservoirs.
  • Its 15 bar bump will brew a rich tasting coffee.

Pros and Cons

  • The best thing about this cappuccino maker is that it automatically makes the foam over lattes and cappuccino.
  • Quick and straightforward to use.
  • When you make cappuccino, it comes out really creamy and dark with a delicious taste. (Use a double filter option for that).
  • The design has a dangerous flaw. The tiny wooden screw is used in soft plastic to hold the portafilter together. This is horrible as it falls into your cappuccino when you pour it.
  • The machine works well in the initial stages, but later on, it creates problems like getting a hotter coffee and the water in the tank is too hot. Also, the water keeps on dripping from the tap no matter if the machine is turned on or off. This needs to be fixed.
  • It eventually stops working, and you wouldn’t know the reason!

Nespresso by De’Longhi Vertigo Plus coffee and espresso maker

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This ink black and smart cappuccino maker makes delicious espresso instantly in its recyclable aluminum capsules. You can make 16 fresh brewed coffees and also 10 authentic espressos in this machine.

You can brew a larger 14oz Alto with this machine. Each espresso is made creamy and delicious in this cappuccino maker. The device’s most exciting feature is its design, which has a water container that swivels from the side of the machine to the back. In this way, it is manageable on a small counter.


  • This machine weighs 11.88 pounds.
  • The water tank capacity is 40oz.
  • It includes 17 counts used capsule container.
  • The machine has 15 seconds heat-up time, so don’t have to wait for long.
  • It has a shut off after the inactivity of 9 minutes instantly to avoid energy waste.
  • Each machine of this brand includes a welcome kit with a complete range of vertuo capsules that have unique aroma profiles.
  • There is Aeroccino 3 milk frother in this machine to give a perfect frothing, so it is best to make a single coffee in this machine.

This one of the best cappuccino makers for home has the following pros and cons.

Pros and Cons

  • It is instant and easy to use. You have to insert the capsule inside and then enjoy the delicious cappuccino or latte.
  • It is affordable for anyone.
  • Easy to adjust in the kitchen as it takes less space.
  • The machine is convenient for 5 cups sizes.
  • The machine is a users’ favorite because the cup pods are recyclable in this machine.
  • The water tank of this machine leaks after a few uses, so there are customers’ complaints about this model.
  • There are also complaints that the motor broke on the lid lifter, so it has to be designed carefully.
  • The cream of this machine is not thicker than the Breville machine. So yes, it is not better than Breville at all.


So, if you want a cappuccino maker machine for a home, it is hard to find one with no flaws at all. As of course, every brand tries its best to come up with the best creation but every brand takes time. However, the brands mentioned above are the most selling brands these days, but also, their shortcomings are not ignorable. But if you want a relatively better cappuccino machine, then check the recommendation below.


Phillips 3200 series can be the best cappuccino maker for a home, as its flaws are not much bothering. Furthermore, the manufacturers are working to improve the quality, so it is believed that the milk frother and the steel tray quality will be a good one. So, why not try this one out? What do you think? 


What is a cappuccino/espresso maker?

An espresso maker is a machine that is used to make espresso/cappuccino by forcing pressurized water near the boiling point by the pucks of the ground coffee. It filters the product that comes out in compact form, and it is called espresso.

When was the cappuccino machine invented?

The cappuccino machine was invented in 1884 by a native of Turin, Italy, named Angelo Moriondo. Later on April 28, 1903, Luigi Bezzera came forward with a better design. However, later in 1905, the founder of the company La Pavoni bought the patent and started manufacturing the espresso machines officially since then.

Is strong coffee called espresso?

Espresso can be way more robust than coffee. It is highly concentrated, and its appearance is also more reliable than coffee. So, it is quite different from regular coffee.

Can we use a regular coffee in an espresso machine?

Yes, of course, you can use regular coffee. It will taste sour and tart, so it is better to use dark roast coffee to have the best taste with a rich crema.

What amount of water should be added to Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine?

The water in Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine can be maximum added up to 30 ounces.

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