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Drinking coffee is the desire of a lot of people around the world. Still, the thing that matters the most is the taste of the coffee that suits your mood. And for such a purpose, you have to visit cafes to get your coffee, which you are always seeking. But it is much time taking and expensive requiring efforts also to move from one place to another, mainly searching for cafes or coffee shops to experience the great taste of all time. But what if we get the same feeling at home without compromising on taste and quality on a lower budget? Let’s learn how to make a cup of coffee step by step. 

You can have a cup of delicious coffee of your favorite brand at home with a budget-friendly method. I suggest you keep reading because I will explain the perfect brewing method to make a delicious coffee cup. I will also discuss the best coffee brands to deliver you an authentic coffee experience and view your taste and desires. Getting the one that freshens you is the true worth of your coffee.

How to make a cup of coffee step by step?

You just need three things to make a perfectly brewed coffee, including filtered water, grounded coffee beans, and the right proportions to get the right taste.

Here are the essential steps to make use of all the things mentioned above to make a delicious coffee cup.

1-Make sure you take the right amount of coffee and water. This amount is; two tablespoons of coffee for 8 ounces of water. Sugar is an exception.
2-You should line the basket of your coffee maker with a filter. Now take medium-sized grounded coffee, or you can grind your beans at the home of medium size. 
3-Let the water boil and then leave it for a while to settle the temperature. 
4-Wet the filter nicely with water. Now pour the coffee through it and run the boiled water over it to get wet finely.
5-Add sugar if you want and enjoy it!

Hope you have learned the perfect method for brewing a cup of delicious coffee at home, now I will explain some best coffee brands in the budget. 

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Café de Loja | AWARDED | High Altitude

Tim Hortons Original Blend

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Valhalla Java Bagged Coffee Grounds

New Orleans Roast Coffee

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After taking an overview of the brand Café de Loja, what I have concluded is that this brand will work for you. The main issue about the product is the poor shipping that this brand should improve. However, the taste is mild, we can not say that it is imbalanced. This coffee may work better than any other ordinary traditional coffee because it is not an ordinary brand. It has won awards for some real taste and reasons. 

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

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Coffee Kult is one of the most famous and favorable brands among gourmet coffees. It has the most exquisite taste ever, which you will experience in every sip. The good thing is that it’s the most robust coffee but gives smooth feelings and is not bitter. It’s made, especially for the very conscious people, about the taste and demanding the strongest and bold coffee cup. As it depends on how you would like the taste of your coffee, so considering this flavor in your best coffee flavor’s list is also a good idea.

Let’s see the features that will help us to make a cup of coffee step by step. 


1-It’s made up of pure and organic full-bodied, rich beans to give you the ultimate taste in every sip. The unique quality of this brand is that it contains top-quality.
2-Hand-selected ingredients keep you fresh and active, so it’s good to make a delicious coffee cup right before starting any kind of work to focus more. 
3-You can get the best flavor of this brand in 3 different sizes according to your need like 12 ounces, 2pounds, and 5 pounds pack. You can have the one to fulfill your coffee-making need at home budget-friendly way. 
4-This also saves your time, and you get your cup ready in minutes. As it is dark and bold in flavor, it’s suitable for many people as the daily intake.

Pros and Cons

  • It comes in 3 different sizes so you can get according to your need. In this way, you are not supposed to be bound to buy the only size unwillingly.
  • The dark black coffee beans are vibrant and sharp to give you a good start of the day in the morning. The taste is not bitter being the dark coffee, which made its worth for coffee lovers.
  • As said by the consumers, it does not taste bad while eating baked items like rusks, biscuits, and sweet rolls, etc. Thus it’s a perfect match also for those who like to have coffee while eating bakery items.
  • The company claims that you will always get the same quality and taste in their products. It would not be easy to replace this with any other brand while getting the favorite flavor.
  • According to some consumers, they said that it tastes like dark chocolate, so they can’t stop drinking it until the last drop. They are enjoying their coffee in a chocolatey flavor. And due to this, it becomes their all-time favorite too.
  • The thing is that everyone does not like the dark rich and bold flavored coffee. The reason behind this is that they want the light taste to get themselves ease. So due to this, most of the people have not found this good in preference for them.
  • Most of people think that it is a bit costly, so they are complaining about the price. The company has tried its best to give a reasonable price, but it is still not fitting.
  • The company claims that they have roasted the beans before shipping it to the market. But many customers are complaining that they get the coffee pack that was not cooked before shipment. Thus they have not found the freshness in the beans, which disappointed them a lot.
  • As for many coffee lovers who like to have a bold and robust coffee said they had not found this as they expected the taste. So, they are not going to go on rebuying this.
  • The weirdest thing of all is that some customers complain they found little rocks mixed inside the pack that gives the creeps. They broke their grinders due to stones, and after this incident, they are not going to repurchase this. The complaint is genuine. The company should realize that maintaining quality standards is the thing to be taken into consideration.

Café de Loja

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Cafe de Loja is an award-winning brand because of its popularity among people and its great taste. The best thing about this coffee is that it is the best for almost all coffee brewing methods. Thus you can make it how you would like it while getting the same best flavor in every sip. The taste is no matter rich as it is 100% Arabica whole bean coffee making its consumers love to drink it. It makes a cup of coffee step by step and helps you to get relaxed with the essence and flavor. As everyone wants their coffee the best one, so they prefer it the most.


1-It has the most unique and complex flavor that everyone loves.
2-This coffee is perfect for almost all coffee brewing methods like Traditional Drip-coffee maker, Cold brew, Turkish, Espresso machine, and pour-over French press coffee maker. Providing the same great taste, no matter how you brewed your cup of coffee.
3-The ingredients are 100% natural, so there is no taste swing. Why compromise with the taste for which we are taking coffee?
There is no need to be like the fantastic coffee is right there waiting to be brewed.
4-The company complains that they have grown coffee beans 6233 feet above sea level, so this is the reason that their seeds are high dense and full dark round, and smooth in taste.
5-The coffee comes in a triple-layered aluminum packing to ensure safety standards and keeps the oxygen out.

Pros and Cons

  • Its nutty scent keeps you fresh and active to enjoy every moment of your precious time.
  • The energetic delivery of taste enlightens your mind to work effectively. When you need some rest, it also gives you pleasure and relaxation in every sip to maintain your comfort in a unique and tasty way.
  • Its triple-layered sealed packing ensures freshness every time you open the bag. So there is no need to worry about any difference in taste as it always remains the same no matter how many times you open the bag.
  • A good coffee cup offers a good start of the day and sharing the great taste with your loved ones is also a blessing don’t forget that sharing is caring. The flavor is caring, too, as there is no bitter aftertaste.
  • It also represents the right combination for those who love to have some baked items with a coffee cup, so it is good to try as there is no bitter aftertaste.
  • A lot of the people experienced that the dark and bold coffee is good while reading. It enhances senses and makes the mind focus, so they had a great experience.
  • The price is reasonable so that every coffee lover can have the same great taste in the budget at home. With just minimum effort required to make a delicious coffee cup. Just give it a try and enhance your experience.
  • Talking about the taste, some people consider that it has a mild flavor, and the taste balance is not right. This difference disappointed them.
  • After getting the brand that has won awards, yet some coffee lovers think that it’s just an average coffee, and there is nothing unusual in it.
  • According to those who think it’s average quality beans and not so rich in taste, they thought they could get the same taste in other brands but at less price, so why buy this one.
  • A few people complaining about shipping experience were harsh regarding this coffee bag. Customers said they received an already opened bag, and that’s why they are not going to use it because they felt unsafe to do so. This became the primary reason that they will not repurchase it, no matter how good the coffee is.
  • Having this coffee with baked items gives a bitter taste depending upon the combination that what you are eating while drinking the coffee as according to many consumers.

Tim Hortons 100% Arabica Medium Roast Original Blend Ground Coffee

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Tim Hortons is the perfect Arabica bean containing no artificial ingredients. You can make a delicious brew by making this cup of coffee step by step. That means it delivers a smooth and fresh taste that a delicious coffee should have to give. It is a perfectly balanced coffee in terms of taste and quality to make the coffee drinking experience the premium one. This is the primary reason behind its popularity. That’s why almost all coffee lovers are using it since they have tried and recommended it to others. 


1-Tim Horton’s medium roast original blend comes in a smooth finishing airtight tin packing to keep oxygen, ensuring long-time freshness. Now there is no need to worry about the taste change once opened. Use it with confidence and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee at home or anywhere you want.
2-The coffee is grown with care in particular regions of Central and South America because of suitable climatic conditions. That is necessary to produce the ultimate quality coffee beans.
3- The Brand Tim Hortons has not changed for over 50 years. This is why coffee lovers prefer its fantastic quality and flavor. Because they know what coffee is.
4- The taste is good to use as a morning coffee for starting a fabulous day. Start your day with a delicious cup of coffee and add happiness to live great moments of life.
5-It is 100% real coffee that will satisfy your desire with its premium taste, quality, and uniqueness.
6-You will not regret buying this, as the product is the perfect return for your money.
7- The coffee comes in 2 different sizes of 32.8 Ounces, and 48 ounces sealed pack tin can keep the coffee fresh for long-term uses.
8- The price is budget-friendly, so it’s also the best option for brewing coffee at home without any hassle. You can treat yourself anywhere and anytime with a premium cup of coffee that gets ready within minutes. Saves time and makes it the perfect one that you are always willing to have.

Pros and Cons

  • The coffee is packed in a sealed tin can to remain fresh for a long time once opened. You will always get the same great taste and quality every time you brew a cup of coffee.
  • Its perfect for all coffee brewing methods, just give it a try and enjoy a fabulous blend.
  • The coffee is budget-friendly; thus, everyone can easily afford it. It comes in 2 different sizes choose the one that fits you to enjoy the whole month depending upon your usage.
  • Its made up of 100% Arabica Roasted beans, which are grown organically and contains no artificial flavor or ingredient. This is the factor that gives the ultimate taste and quality.
  • The coffee beans are grown in a suitable region with a good climate, so they are properly produced and are healthy. That’s the reason for a balanced taste.
  • You can have this with donuts or other baked items as it does not cause bitter tastes that everyone dislikes. The taste matters. It’s the perfect match people are drinking for many years due to the same great taste every time, and in every sip keeping in view your coffee drinking desires.
  • Many coffee snobs around the world have found it just an average in taste. This is because the coffee is not bold and intense in flavor, and the beans are not dark round. Thus due to this reason, the flavor is not as rich as expected for those who love the dark and robust coffee.
  • Some people complain that they get new packing of coffee in their subscription that does not taste good like before. So they will not repurchase it if they keep getting the same thing. Because a little difference in taste matters a lot.
  • Many people are complaining that they received a damaged tin can of the coffee, but the coffee that it contains was good. It doesn’t look good to keep a damaged can that’s disappointing.
  • According to few people, the taste is typical, and there is nothing special and awful in it to be hyped.
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VALHALLA JAVA Bagged Coffee Grounds

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Valhalla java coffee is one of the best USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified Coffee brands from the Death wish company. That delivers an outrageous taste that a real coffee snob likes to have in a cup. The coffee is made from pure organically grown beans. It provides high quality to its consumers to enjoy the real taste in every sip at home within budget.


1-The coffee is loved worldwide as it offers a superb taste and is also suitable for all coffee brewing methods. It enhances senses so that you can focus more on getting the positive results of your works.
2-It offers a unique taste that made you leave all other coffees, and you will start drinking this all the time once you experienced the greatness of its rich flavor.
3-The coffee beans were grown with extra care to deliver a fantastic flavor that you will never regret. They were raised in suitable climatic conditions on the volcanic grounds of Indonesia and Central South America to provide an extra coffee drinking experience to their customers.
4-These coffee beans are not harshened or damaged because they are grown in nutrients rich soils and are filled with proteins. This is the reason that the beans are fully grown dark round and healthy.
5-The weight of the product is 12oz, and the packing is good enough to keep the coffee fresh inside to give an ultimate taste. It will entertain you with its enhanced freshness and qualities to keep you active.
6-There is no need to worry about the freshness once the bag is opened. Just store it in a plastic airtight jar for long-term use if you wish so. The ingredients are 100% natural and contain no harmful or artificial flavors, so drink with confidence.
7-The coffee is made up of premium Arabica and robusta beans that give extraordinary smoothness in taste and leaves a remarkable experience that you always want to have.

Pros and Cons

  • The best thing about this coffee is that they do care about their customers. They know that their customers are satisfied with the coffee’s taste. However, if any customer does not like the taste, they will get their coffee back and refund them. So one must try it as its a risk-free trial.
  • It delivers an authentic caffeine boost that enhances your abilities to work efficiently. The more you do, the more you get tired, and you need a smooth and delicious drink to satisfy the desire by relaxing mentally. This coffee can be the one that’s just right, according to a lot of coffee lovers around the world.
  • There is no bitter aftertaste that makes you feel weird. Even you must try it with fresh bakery items because sometimes you want to eat something delicious or crunchy while drinking coffee.
  • The ingredients of the coffee contain one size grind, which makes it much easy to measure the perfect quantity. To get the original coffee taste, don’t forget that its a fair trade.
  • Valhalla Java is good to keep you awake as its natural and robust ingredients are 100% pure and organic. You can rely on it and can use it as a daily intake.
  • The coffee has a great taste and a good packing containing reasonable quantity. But still, price is the most crucial factor that must be taken into consideration. That is the primary reason why many people are complaining about the higher prices for such quantity and quality.
  • After using this coffee, the consumers said that the taste is just fine, and there is nothing special to be hyped about the taste. According to coffee snobs, the coffee is not so strong and smooth as it has to be.
  • Due to high caffeine, people with diabetes, are not encouraged to use it as its not good for them. They will face some severe diabetic disorders because of the higher glucose levels in the blood.
  • Some people have experienced bitter aftertaste due to which they do not like it very much, especially with donuts or other baked items like biscuits. Or cookies, it gets sore and gives the worst taste that nobody ever likes.
  • Customers said that they get a difference in taste when brewing the coffee from different methods. This should not have happened because if it keeps changing them how they would know the original flavor. So, it is for them who uses the same method every time for brewing the coffee.

New Orleans Roast Coffee & Tea Southern Pecan Ground Coffee

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The new Orleans is a light coffee with medium-level acidity of a soft body that offers an authentic pecan flavor. The coffee is roasted in a small batch to ensure the state of art standards. It is 100% real Arabica but contains both natural and artificial flavors. That gives a rich and unforgettable taste. The coffee is inspired by the classic new Orlean flavors, and the team new Orleans proudly shares the part of their locality in culture with PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. They satisfied their customers with the ultimate grip over the quality.


1-The coffee is already grounded, so there is no need to drop it or buy a grinder. This is the best thing about this coffee because it saves time while brewing a coffee cup.
2-A perfect measurement is a must to know if you want to experience the original taste and get the most out of the coffee.
Two tablespoons of coffee per 6 oz water is the perfect measurement direction that gives an ultimate taste.
3-The pack is 12 oz(340g), which is good enough to fulfill your coffee drinking desires, but it depends upon the usage of how long it will last. Due to the weather change and climatic conditions, your coffee consumption may vary.
4-The coffee offers the best pecan flavor and has no bitter aftertaste.
Give it a try for the best experience in every sip. Even when you open the coffee bag, it also gives a great fragrance that makes you fresh. It’s also suitable for making iced coffee. You can also use it as a daily coffee intake as the taste is too good to try.
5-Its made up of 100% natural and pure organically grown with care coffee beans. Which are light body but fully grown in rich soils that are the reason that it is high in nutrients and are healthy.
6-It does not contain high caffeine or any other similar ingredient that causes glucose levels in the blood to rise. People with diabetes can also use this by brewing a sugar-free cup of coffee for themselves.
7-The airtight packing ensures freshness for more extended times by keeping the oxygen out. The coffee contains in the packing remains fresh and healthy even after opening for the very first time. 

Pros and Cons

  • It delivers an outstanding taste that makes you active and focusing whenever working, studying, and reading something. Just brew a delicious cup of coffee before doing anything else like said above.
  • Its suitable for almost all coffee brewing methods, so brew it with confidence so that you are about to get the original and natural taste of the coffee.
  • It is mandatory to maintain the perfect amount of ingredients to brew a standard coffee, as directed by the company. Otherwise, the experience may vary, and you will not get the coffee’s original taste, so follow the measurements carefully.
  • By ordering this coffee, you will be getting grounded coffee that does not require grinding again in a grinder. If you don’t have a grinder machine, then dont worry, there is no need to buy a new one.
  • It takes a few minutes to be brewed, and you can enjoy the fantastic taste at home as its such a steal.
  • The delight New Orleans is suitable for those who love to drink the regular coffee, which is not so rich, bold, and strong in flavor. People who usually take strong coffees will not like this or replace it with their stronger ones. They will experience it a bit lighter and weak in terms of taste.
  • It has many positive reviews worldwide, so it might be the right choice to add this into your lifestyle. As the lighter taste sometimes feels good depending upon the mood, it makes you feel lighter and relax to get rid of your tiredness.
  • It is also useful for making tea for those who like tea more than coffee.
  • As the coffee is not so strong and rich in flavor, so the people with strong taste desires are not satisfied with the taste as its an average coffee according to them.
  • People also experienced a little taste difference due to the various coffee brewing methods. They also doubt that this might occur due to the addition of the artificial flavor in the coffee ingredients.
  • The other mostly the same complaints regarding this coffee are that according to some people, its taste is very artificial and has a weird bitter aftertaste. Also that they have the worst experience with donuts or other baked items.
  • As I have told that before, it’s also suitable for iced tea, but again it depends upon your taste, so some people have found it insufficient for making iced tea or coffees.
  • It is not recommended as the daily intake for bold and robust flavored coffees in their daily life routine.

Sum up

Making coffee step by step is really an art. However, it is not much difficult or tricky to do so. You have to remember the steps and quantity of the product and you should opt for the best brand to suit your taste. So, now you have got the answer of how to make a cup of coffee step by step, but the question is, which coffee are we talking about? Of course, the best-recommended coffee.  


What is the main difference between Arabica and Robusta?

Arabica has a more comprehensive taste range between varieties. They range in taste from sweet and soft to sharp and bold. The unroasted smell is sometimes like blueberries.
Robusta’s taste ranges from neutral to harsh, and they are often described as tasting grain-like, oatmeal. The smell of unroasted is frequently defined as raw-peanutty. Their roasted aroma is often equated to burnt rubber.

What is the most suitable temperature for brewing a good coffee?

The temperature of water for drip coffee is 95-98C. Coldwater doesn’t extract enough caffeine/necessary oils from the beans, and above such temperature, the acidity increases.

How long does a packaged coffee remains fresh until not opened?

Every coffee pack is marked with a prescribed brew-by date. If the coffee is brewed by this date, it’s guaranteed fresh, after the package has been opened. It should stay fresh for about two weeks if stored in an airtight jar or container.

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