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When we talk about coffee lovers, they want entire perfection in taste! A good flavor and a good fragrance are the requirements that every coffee lover demands. Keeping in view the above requirements, every coffee brand make it sure to bring about the latest flavors to fulfill the desires of their customers. In this regard, many top brands have introduced summer latte flavors to provide a variety of tastes. 

Latte flavors

Latte flavors are just cafe latte with a variety of flavoring syrups to allow any coffee lover to make his favorite taste. These flavors come in both syrup as well as in powder form and every café uses it whatever brand they find more worth it.

There are seasonal summer latte flavors of top coffee brands like Dunkin donuts, Starbucks, McCafe, Nescafe and many more. As there is always a demand for coffee according to seasons, so the latte flavors are divided into seasonal flavors like winter lattes and summer lattes. These flavors are added into milk and the taste is perfectly according to your choice!

Top summer lattes flavors

The top flavors in summer lattes are vanilla, Irish cream, peppermint, caramel almond, cinnamon, hazelnut, toffee, buttered rum, orange, and raspberry. 

Let’s check out what these flavors have to offer. We will compare Top summer latte flavors of Nescafe vs McCafe.

Vanilla Flavor

Vanilla latte flavor is one of the most used flavors among coffee lovers. It is the primary latte flavor among all other tastes. 

Every brand has presented its latte in this flavor and I’m going to review two of the most selling  brands for this top-notch flavor. 

Nescafe Vanilla Latte 

Nescafe is a good choice to try summer latte flavors if you want something different. The latte consists of a good quality coffee beans along with fresh British milk and fresh vanilla flavor. The taste is velvety, smooth and for a more cozy flavor, the flavor can be added to Nescafe evaporated milk that will create a froth on the top. Although, the froth looks yummy and fun to enjoy, yet it is gone even within 2 seconds. The latte flavors are available in the market in a family-size pack containing 46 sachets in all. 


  • The latte flavor sachet contains sugar, milk, coffee powder so it is instant to use.
  • It contains 80 calories in each serving.
  • Each sachet contains creamy foam with vanilla-infused coffee to give a mouthwatering flavor.
Pros of Nescafe Vanilla LatteCons of Nescafe Vanilla Latte
Creamy tasteNescafe has new packaging with fewer sachets
Latte can be made even without milk and sugarCostly
Nescafe also offers a smooth vanilla tasteThere is no choice of sugar-free flavors

Now let’s see what another brand has to offer.

McCafe Vanilla Latte

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McCafe has also made huge popularity among coffee lovers. Covering up the most favorite flavors, the brand has succeeded in making a huge number of customers. A single sachet has a blend of creamy flavor with sugar, skim milk, natural flavor. Let’s check what vanilla flavor offers here.


  • Each box contains 9 packs of latte flavors k-cup Keurig along with froths packs.
  • It is made from 100% healthy Arabica beans.
  • The taste is neither too strong nor too light.
Pros of McCafe Vanilla LatteCons of McCafe Vanilla Latte
McCafe has a darker roasted flavor with a smooth vanilla touchSome latte flavor lovers have complained that McCafe has a watery flavor
McCafe has managed to make both liquid sugar and sugar-free vanilla French flavor The taste is still not pleasing like that of Nescafe

Peppermint Flavor

Peppermint is the second most famous flavor that is loved by the majority of the people in summer. When people need something cool and soothing, being a coffee lover, they always turn to cafes ordering for a peppermint beloved flavor. 

Now, I’m going to list out the quality reviews and the package that Nescafe and McCafe offer. 

Peppermint Latte

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Nestle Peppermint Latte is indeed a perfect choice if you want to have some time a minty and sometimes a sweet taste. If I talk about the perfect delight for this flavor, you can put a whipped cream topping on the coffee beverage along with some crushed mint candies. There is no need to go to a café for this taste anymore.


  • The box arrives with 20 handy packs. 
  • It is worth it with coconut milk or cream for a thicker drink.
  • Makes coffee more velvety when added.
Pros of Nescafe peppermint LatteCons of Nescafe peppermint Latte
Nescafe is a good choice for those who like lighter sweet flavors in a latteNescafe has introduced a limited edition of peppermint flavor
Most people complain that the mint flavor in Nescafe is just a slight essence
Nescafe has a complain that its peppermint flavor doesn’t turn out good later. First, it tastes a little good but then it sours out the whole throat

McCafe Peppermint Latte

  • McDonald comes up again with the McCafe peppermint flavor back on 12 November 2019.
  • Peppermint flavor has the following features to offer:

Features of McCafe Peppermint Latte

  • The peppermint flavor is dealing nationwide from now on from McDonald’s locations.
  • Each serving of McCade peppermint includes 350 calories.
  • This flavor is best to serve with both hot coffee or ice coffee as per choice.
  • The candies and crushed peppermint with fresh milk cream enhance the mint flavor.
Pros of McCafe peppermint LatteCons of McCafe peppermint Latte
McCafe is an unlimited edition, unlike Nescafe, it will be dealing a long time like other flavorsSome People claimed of using powder milk
McCafe has a rich flavor of peppermint to the last sip. The mint essence remains the same from start to end.

Caramel Latte

The caramel flavor is one of the most sold and used latte flavors all over the world. The caramel is a soft, sweet and delightful flavor and that’s why it is the best combination of latte with coffee. Whether you mix it up this flavoring syrup in coffee, water or in fresh milk, it is always surprising.

Nescafe Caramel Latte

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Nescafe has won the hearts of the coffee lovers with the exciting caramel latte for those who love to enjoy this flavor at anytime and anywhere.

But does this flavor fulfill the customers’ desires? Read below!


  • This latte is made with fresh and hygienic ingredients like fresh Arabica coffee beans, British dairy farm milk.
  • The latte tastes velvety frothy when added into steamed milk or even when mixed in water.
  • The latte contains roasted coffee beans.
  • The caramel latte flavor is imported from Malaysia.
  • It comes up with 30 days money-back guarantee if you have purchased a whole pack and don’t like the taste later.
Pros of Nescafe Caramel LatteCons of Nescafe Caramel Latte
Nescafe has won the hearts of many users as they say it melts in the mouth exactly like caramelSome coffee lovers also blame that the caramel flavor in Nescafe is fake as it just tastes like candy and that is not worth it
Nescafe latte is creamy and smooth as well as moreish

McCafe Caramel Latte

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Similarly, McCafe Caramel Latte is the best choice if you are looking for an instant caramel latte with a velvety froth on the top.

Check out what this flavor offers.


  • The latte is made with fresh milk, caramel syrup, water, and espresso.
  • Every latte is tested several times before supply.
  • McCafe, particularly the brand McDonalds does not claim its eatables or drinks to be Halal or Kosher or meeting any religious standards. So, it’s up to the customer to pick one of choice.
Pros of McCafe Caramel LatteCons of McCafe Caramel Latte
The milk and caramel amount in McCafe latte is inspiringSome caramel latte lovers claim that McCafe caramel latte is sweet enough to be cloying
McCafe is not a good choice if you are looking for a strong caramel essence with a bit bitter taste

Toffee Flavor

Toffee is one of the sweetest and delightful flavor and this flavor gets a great thumbs up from those who love desserts. The candy type flavor with the best combination of freshly brewed coffee is always going to leave you speechless whenever you try. Not only this but this latte is also magical in fresh milk and even in water. So, the toffee choice is yours! 

Nescafe Toffee Nut Latte

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Nescafe toffee nut has brought a new combination of the super tasty and exciting flavor of toffee nuts for your delighted coffee as the toffee and coffee combo is what everyone is surprised for. Furthermore, this brand has launched both iced and hot toffee flavors. The sachet is one although, yet you can make both hot and cold brew with this latte.


  • The latte is made with 100% pure and fresh coffee beans. 
  • Each sachet contains skimmed milk powder, toffee nut, and coffee powder.
  • The sachet is ready to serve when once poured in water.
Pros of Nescafe toffee flavorCons of Nescafe toffee flavor
Some coffee lovers have claimed Nescafe toffee flavor to be better than ChoccaMoccaNescafe has failed to give an impressive taste to all the toffee flavor fans as they claim that the toffee flavor is not something real
Latte consist of 100% real ingredients and flavors

McCafe Toffee Latte

Likewise Nescafe, McCafe has created a toffee blend for coffees and espresso to give a delightful effect to your daily coffee routine. The latte is made with real toffee syrup that is entirely hygienic to fill out all your health requirements with a flavor essence.


  • The sachet is a mixture of pure toffee syrup, espresso blend, steamed organic milk.
  • Each sip is smooth and frothy.
  • There are 183 calories in a toffee latte when you make a regular cup of it.
Pros of McCafe toffee flavorCons of McCafe toffee flavor
When mixed in hot or cold coffee, the frothy cream melts and mixes in McCafe coffee and enlivens the tasteMcCafe has a high price for a pack of latte and that is why people don’t worth it
Latte consist of 100% real ingredients and flavorsNot only expensive but also they are also rare to be found at supermarkets

This item is not present you can find McCafe other products


Summing up

From the above taste battle, we have concluded that despite facing some failure like about toffee flavor, McCafe is still a good deal than Nescafe. As the taste quality and flavor variety are still better in this brand. Although, when I tried to find the orange latte, I didn’t succeed to find one in McCafe, that’s poor though, as this flavor is a must in flavor lattes, yet Nescafe has also not done well here. The combo latte of mango, coconut, and orange is not everyone’s favorite and also, people complain that it tastes like papaya and the smell is also not good.

So, if you want to try a variety of flavors (except orange) with real and organic tastes, I recommend you try McCafe for at least once and let me know which flavor is your favorite latte?


What are the best summer latte flavors?

The top flavors in summer lattes are vanilla, Irish cream, peppermint, caramel almond, cinnamon, hazelnut, toffee, buttered rum, orange, and raspberry.

Which brand should I opt for the summer latte flavor?

You must try McCafe as it has a variety of flavors with real and organic taste except for orange. If compared with Nescafe, McCafe is still a good deal than Nescafe.

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