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Adding a flavor to life is something you all love to have. Because the same bore routine makes you feel hectic and you sooner start feeling miserable at the end. Well, you can’t change the daily home chores, or your job routine may be. But at least you can do it in a better way. If you are having coffee in your routine, then add a little bit of latte flavor combinations in your mug. What do you think? These combination lattes will wipe out your tiredness once you add them to your coffee daily. Check out the delicious latter flavor combinations below. Also, you can look at Latte Flavor Syrups.

The Elixir Mushroom Raw Cacao Latte

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The elixir mushroom raw cacao latte is a certified latte flavor with organic hot chocolate. It is a mixture of Relshi superfood mushroom powder with rose. It is gluten-free and unsweetened, so it is best for diabetes patients also. Furthermore, it is free from GMO, vegan, and paleo, so it is totally harmless to drink. Also, the rose essence will attract you to have a cup more after you have just finished. This flavor has the following features.


  • This flavor latte is best for all ages as this flavor has no sour or bitter taste. It is soothing and calming.
  • Each pack serves 17 cups of latte.
  • This latte works best to relax you for sleep, and it also works as an energy booster.
  • It can also be added to different recipes and desserts to add flavor.
  • For each serving, you have to add 2 teaspoons of this latte of 6g in total.
  • The latte has zero fat, zero sodium, zero protein, and only 1 gram of carbohydrate.
  • This cacao latte is rich in magnesium to uplift your energy, especially when you start your day.
  • This latte is 100% certified with organic ingredients.
  • It is an instant latte that can be drunk with both water and milk. It can be used as a hot as well as a cold latte.
  • Each serving gives you 750mg of Reshi mushroom fruiting body extract per serve.
  • It is tested in house and third-party labs to keep the product quality in questioning.
  • To make this latte, add it only in hot water or milk and add sugar if desired. You can add it to hot coffee, cold coffee, smoothie, and other dessert recipes.
  • It is the safest and healthiest chocolate latte ever.
  • The red reishi mushroom extract is added in the latte.
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you somehow don’t like the product, you can get it changed, and the product will remain yours also.

Pros and Cons

  • The taste of this latte flavor combination is delicious, as it tastes like chocolate. The flavor is not artificial at all.
  • All the ingredients are real, and there is nothing harmful used in the latte.
  • This latte is sugar-free, so anyone can use it according to need, whether with or without sugar.
  • The product is readily available in the USA market and online stores.
  • It is sugar-free, so it can be used in any dessert.
  • The product is pricy.
  • It does not dissolve finely. So you have to add sugar or honey as these are also not quickly dissolving.

Teelixir Mushroom Beet Latte

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Teelixir mushroom beet latte is made with 100% organic beetroot juice powder along with a superfood blend and will Chaga mushroom extract. It also includes raw cacao. Check out the features of this latte.


  • This latte flavor is GMO-free.
  • The latte is unsweetened so that you can add sugar according to need.
  • The latte is best for all ages as it contains no harmful ingredients.
  • Each box contains 17 servings.
  • The packaging is reliable and also recyclable.
  • You have to add 2 teaspoons of the latte powder that will be 6g.
  • The product is gluten-free.
  • It contains no vegan friendly and free from paleo.
  • The product also contains true Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, and all spices.
  • It is best to give you gut and antioxidant support.
  • The daily usage of this latte gives you glowing skin and an active body and mind.
  • You can use these lattes in your favorite drinks.
  • Latte increases the immune system.
  • The alkaline beetroot and the Chaga mushroom combination is best to relive from stomach burn.
  • It is simple to use. You just have to add it in hot water or milk or in any dessert.

Pros and Cons

  • The product tastes excellent if you add in cookies recipe.
  • It is good because it does not cause irritation in the stomach.
  • The latte has a tasty essence.
  • Its quantity is right.
  • It is good to spice up the warm milk.
  • The latte is pricy as the brand is costly in all flavors.

Teelixir Mushroom Matcha Latte

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This latte comes in a 2.0oz package with 100% organic ingredients and no artificial flavors. It is made of certified organic ceremonial grade Japanese matcha green tea powder. This flavor has a peppermint flavor touch also with a pleasing essence, and it is sugar-free and gluten-free.


  • Each pack of the box contains 20 servings.
  • Each serving contains 15mg of caffeine.
  • It is ceremonial grade matcha from Japan.
  • This latte is best as a lift wake up for the whole day.
  • This latte works better as an energy booster and also keeps you calm.
  • The lion’s mane is a medicinal mushroom that is best for enhancing brain power and cognition.
  • The best time to drink this latte is at AM so that you can enjoy the energy that lasts longer.
  • 1500mg of lion’s mane fruiting body is extracted in each serving.
  • This latte can be used in both hot and cold drinks and desserts, so it can be called a multi using a latte.
  • The product weighs 2.08 ounces.
  • One of the best ingredients of this latte is the use of peppermint that is helpful indigestion. It also has a sweet and refreshing essence that alerts the mind and gives activeness.

Pros and Cons

  • However, being skeptical about trying the new flavor with mushrooms, customers were overwhelmed by the new flavor that is not overpowering.
  • The essence and mild taste of peppermint are pleasing and soothing at the same time.
  • This latte is a suitable replacement for coffee, and it keeps you awake and active all the time as coffee does. However, this is not coffee at all, and it is not healthy and bold like coffee. But this is something you can go with.
  • It is sugar-free, so the choice is yours whether you like to add sugar or take it.
  • This latte flavor combination works perfectly with honey. So it is a must-try thing.
  • It is the best form of the vitamin in a more bioavailable form than a capsule or other diet.
  • If you love to try unusual flavors, then you must give it a try. Because it is a surprising combination of sweet grassiness of matcha, a mild taste of peppermint, and the earthiness of mushroom.
  • The product is, however, beautiful, yet it is pricy.
  • The tin comes half full when you open it, so the product you receive for this much price is not something that satisfies you.

Naturealm Lion’s Mane Mushroom Matcha Latte

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Like Teexili, Naturealm brand also comes up with a variety of coffee, and latte flavors. Not only great primary latte flavors, but its latte flavor combinations are also available in a variety of this brand in the market, and you can order them online as well. The lion’s mane is of these flavors that are used for health and flavor as well. This Naturealm’s lion’s mane mushroom matcha latte is USDA organic latte with premium Japanese matcha. Honey crystals, coconut milk, lion’s mane extract powder, and real essence will blow your mind.


  • In this latte, the signature super concentrated lion’s first extract is added in the most beautiful Japanese matcha for the best taste and most excellent quality.
  • Honey crystals and coconut milk powder are also added to provide the most exquisite taste and smooth texture.
  • The product comes in 6.0oz.
  • The mushrooms used in this latte are freshly harvested and handpicked to give the best quality.
  • As matcha is also known to boost metabolism and to burn fat, this latte also helps in the same purpose.
  • The latte is easy to use as you just have to add a scoop or tap of the lattes in hot or cold water or milk, and you are ready to enjoy. The scoop is also added in the box.
  • The lion mane mushroom used in this latte increases the brainpower.
  • The product is totally gluten-free, so you will not face any health issues with this latte.
  • The product is totally organic and dairy-free.

Pros and Cons

  • This product is a heavenly drink to give you a wake-up call daily in the morning, and also, it is the best evening partner as well.
  • Adding almond milk creamer in this latte works wonder, so it is a must-try.
  • This latte flavor combination is made of high-quality ingredients.
  • The flavor of this latte is a bit strong.
  • Matcha can’t be a perfect fit for everyone.


Having latte flavors in your daily routine is something inspiring. But something different is what everyone likes. And if this try turns out to be good, then this is what everyone loves. The above-discussed latte flavor combinations are amazing if you are fed up with the casual latte flavors. However, latte flavors are exciting and come in a wide variety of markets. Yet, the change of combination flavors is worth it. The combination of Japanese matcha with mushrooms is highly energetic. They also contain different flavors for which the Teelixir brand has got a huge name and sale. Naturealm is also a well-known brand for flavored latte combinations. But which latte flavor combinations are the best to go with? Check out the recommendations below!


Although the Teelixir brand has three vibrant flavors with the essence of rose, peppermint, and beetroot. The best one that everyone can use is a rose flavor that is the favorite essence of all, of course. Not only for its fragrance but also for the little rose petals crushed pieces in the latte powder. This latte is of chocolate flavor with a smooth texture and a lot of vitamins. If you are searching for a delicious and healthy latte, then you must give it a try!


Can we use two different flavors as a combination?

Of course, using different flavors as a combination is fun. You can try vanilla and chocolate latte combination or any of the two flavors of your choice.

Which latte flavors are a good match for coffee?

As for coffee, the best choice is a chocolate latte. Because the combination of coffee and chocolate will result in mocha flavor. Also, you can use coconut flavor with coffee that will turn out to be delicious. Likewise, caramel, cinnamon, Bailey, and vanilla flavor are the best ones as combination flavors.

How to flavor a latte without syrup?

You can simply add sweet health perks to every cup. Also, for coffee flavoring, you can add cinnamon, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, and some salt. You can also add a half banana or vanilla extract.

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