How To Use A French Press With Pre-Ground Coffee

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If you are a coffee lover then obviously you want perfection in the taste. You can make your favorite taste by grinding coffee at home and brew it of your own choice. But if you want to grind coffee at home,  then indeed you will need a French press for the purpose. Don’t know what a French press is? Well, that’s what you are here for!

Keep reading the whole article because I’m going to give a full guide on how to use a French press with pre-ground coffee?

What is the French press?

A French press invented in 1929, is a device that is used to brew coffee from the coffee beans. It is used in case if you have coffee beans at home and you need to grind them. It is also called Cafeteria, Coffee plunger, Coffee press, Cafetiere, Cafetiere a piston.

Ugo Paolini was the first one to invent this coffee press, however, this coffee press was designed by an Italian designer Atillio Calimani and Giulio Moneto.

Faliero Bondanini made several changes in the model later on in France in 1958 and now there are different brands designing their own models of the French press.

How to use a French press?

Now how to use and brew coffee through it?

Boil Water

At first, obviously, you need to boil water. If you have a thermometer then that’s perfect for heat measure otherwise you can carry on with the boiling water. With thermometer make sure to warm the water at 195-295 Fahrenheit temperature. Let the temperature set as you desire.

Confirm The Ratio Of Product

Measure the pre-ground coffee after cleaning the French Press and drying it before use. Pour the pre-ground coffee in it after measuring with a ratio of 1:15. This is the best measure for a perfect coffee.

How to brew coffee through a French press?

Now, I’m going to explain the professional style of brewing.

•  It is mostly misunderstood that coffee should be ground like a powder. However, this is an entire misconception. Coffee should always be ground coarse, in thick granules.

• To understand the amount of coffee in a cup, it is easy to understand the ratio of water and coffee. Just use 1:15 that is 1 cup of water of 225 gram and the ratio of coffee should be 15 grams in a cup. This is the best measurement.

Top French press brands

The most famous brands are:

1-        Frieling

2-        KONA

3-        Bodum CHAMBORD

Well, there are some other coffee-making brands as well, however, I will mention their names here as for guide so you can make them your choice too if you are going to buy one.

Still, I will discuss the top three brands that are entirely covering positive reviews for their features from the users. Read below!

Frieling French Press

Frieling French Press is a beautiful coffee maker that is entirely designed to look beautiful in your kitchen.

You are thinking it’s made with steel so it will be rusty later? Well, that’s not the case though.

 The manufacturers have made the entire body with stainless steel and it is fully brushed and polished.


This French Press works the same way as the other ones do e.g by plummeting down the coffee grounds brewed in hot water. However, the carafe is made with stainless steel and is opaque as well.

Manufacturers tested the model is thrice. They have come to the conclusion that it is a whole package of durability and style. The inner body doesn’t leak or shatter with warm water as it happens in a glass made model.

Likewise, the coffee may stay warm longer than in glass French press.


 The product arrives in different sizes so you can fetch your favorite size.

These sizes come in ounces of 8, 17, 23, 36, and 44. All of these are slim and tall in look.

Advantages/ Disadvantages

  • The French press is of high-quality material.
  • The material is unbreakable and long-lasting.
  • Makes tasty coffee.
  • Comprises of amazing looks.
  • The initial cost of the product is relatively high.
  • Not favorable for people who want to see what’s happening inside the French press.
  • The handle may not be convenient to grab by all users, as it is narrow.

KONA French Press

The KONA French Press is the best choice for those who are always in a hurry and often face the mishaps of fall and breakage. That’s because the KONA is designed in a way as to protect the body from shattering, cracks and leakages.


There is an insulated outer sleeve for this purpose, and to me, of course, this sleeve is the main thing to enhance the style and grace of the French press.

It appears as if you are taking the French press to your office or even to a gym, (however, you never take it to the gym but that’s what I think it looks like!) of course, everyone has their own views.

Apart from its design, what actually does matter is the customers’ reviews on this model as they indeed, love the design not only for its looks but also because it is handy to wash and clean.

The most favorable opinion we got from Amazon customers’ reviews about KONA is that the taste of caffeine becomes more rich and tasty in this press.


The BPA-free plastic handle is designed with full concentration and keeping in view the user’s comfort. It protects the hand from burning while pouring the coffee out in a mug.

A great thumbs up for this model is because of the components designed with material borosilicate glass are entirely dishwasher safe. That’s quite easy though. The whole body is shockproof and is convenient for traveling.

As it is travel friendly, the chances of cracks and breakage are rare.  However, it is good to take care of the French press on the journey.


It comes up in two main sizes, one is of 12oz, containing 3 cups in total. The other size is 34oz, containing 8 cups in total.

Now, those who are new to coffee making can easily make coffee as there is a scoop available with both sizes, for making a perfect measure of coffee according to the ratio.

The tight-fitting screen keeps the tiniest coffee remnant away from the cup so you can get a filtered and delicious sip.

Let’s check out the best advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages / Disadvantages

  • The robust components are durable.
  • There is no use of plastic inside the body.
  • The grounds are left behind and the coffee is poured without grounds
  • The look is an example of the aesthetic sense of the manufacturers.
  • However, the manufacturers assure of the long-lasting warmth in the press, there is still a complain that coffee cools down each after 20-30 minutes of being poured.
  • The lid is fixed well, however, it comes off when you try to pour coffee into a mug.
  • The plunger of the coffee is short and is not able to reach down for a single cup of coffee. So, it becomes necessary to press the lid a little bit while pouring coffee.

Bodum CHAMBORD French Press

The Bodum CHAMBORD is famous because it has the technique of steeping the coarse grounds in hot water along with the carafe filled and this is done before the mesh-based plunger.

This French press is aesthetically designed with the chrome-plated steel frame along with the D shaped handle. The CHAMBORD press design is the same from the 50s with the round plunger and domed lid.


The sizes are increased for users’ facilities from 12, 17, 34, 51 ounces.

As the usage is quite simple though, still, the manufacturers have written the usage instructions of the press on the box so it is quite easy for the beginners to make coffee.

The transparent glass of the press lets you see what is happening in the French press.

Advantages/ Disadvantages

  • This French press is user friendly.
  • It comes in adorable design.
  • The price is completely affordable.
  • Easy to clean from the inner side, unlike other French press.
  • It contains thicker viscosity as the oil is produced from the preserved coffee.
  • It requires a bit more time to clean up.
  • The subtle coffee particles get dissolved in the coffee when drinking and change the taste to a minor extent.

Summing Up

Except for the top three brands of French press coffee makers, there are other French press coffee makers as well, as I mentioned above. Knowingly  Bodum Brazil, Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press, Bean Envy, Lee Creuset Of America. Also, you can find the best coffee brand for the french press.

Amazon promises to provide you with the best reviews and real products as always so yes, you can check the press coffee makers there and can make your purchase as well.

But wait, before you leave to search more, do let me know what do you think about the above-mentioned French press coffee makers?

Bottom line

If you are looking for a non-plastic and unbreakable French press then I recommend you try KONA French Press and do surely take this aesthetic creation to your office with you!


What things should I need to make a French Press coffee?

All you need is a burr coffee grinder but that should be your own. That’s because it allows brewing with the uber-fresh coffee beans

Which French press should I choose? KONA or Bodum?

I should suggest you to go for KONA. Though both french presses have positive and negative points, still KONA is better in taste than Bodum.

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