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Having a fantastic cup of coffee at home is a big success. That’s because it is not easy to have it every time and at every place. It is indeed the world’s most demanded and most selling item till now! Sometimes you need it for craving or sometimes because you are a coffee addict. Also, sometimes because you are working and you need to stay awake. Whatever is the reason, it always seems to take you to the shop to search for the best brand. What you face when you are searching for the best coffee brand to make at home?  

You strive through every market and every store, and then you bring a selected brand at home, but what you experience then? A bitter flavor or a very mild one. To solve this issue, I will review some of the best coffee brands that you can try at home for a jolt of energy and taste! You can also look at the best pre ground coffee for french press.

Best Coffee Brand To Make At Home
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Amazon Fresh

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Amazon’s fresh brand is a classic collection of different roasts for different flavor lovers. This brand delivers different roasts like medium light and dark roast coffee. The one that I’m going to discuss is from the same row, but this one is a dark roast coffee brand that is a grounded coffee so you can preferably use a French press to brew this coffee at home. However, you can use an espresso maker. You can follow any brewing method, but using a French press will work best for this grounded coffee. Also, as it is a dark roast coffee so this French press brewing method will give you the 100% taste and richness.


This Amazon forest coffee is a bold flavored coffee, and it is a dark roast. It is best for those who prefer a strong cup of java. This is one of the best coffee brands to make at home.
The beans used in this coffee are 100% Arabica beans.
The coffee is freshly packed after roasting to get the best roast and fresh taste in your cup. So, it can be the best one for you.
These Arabica coffee beans are roasted masterfully in individual batches. That’s why they maintain the essence and flavour in the pack until you finish them.
The coffee tastes like smoke. It is chocolaty as well.
Each bag contains 32 ounces of coffee.
The beans are roasted and packed in the USA.
As it is an Amazon brand, so the brand gives a year warranty and return policy. However, they provide the quality that doesn’t need to be returned or replaced.
The package weighs 2 pounds.

Pros and Cons

  • Now the best thing about this product is that it is budget-friendly so you can afford it.
  • Each pack is of 32 ounces, so it will help you spend a whole month if you make 12 cups a day.
  • The coarsely grounded coffee has the right color, so it leaves a good impact.
  • It contains caffeine so you can enjoy it if you want a caffeinated coffee.
  • The coffee taste is average, and it is nothing so special. If you are a crazy coffee lover, seek other brands out because it won’t work for a coffee snob.
  • The package it arrives in has a vacuum sealed. So you can not rely on the packaging because it won’t be reliable.
  • This coffee will also cause heartburn, no matter if you take only a cup in a day. It is definitely not the best coffee brand to make at home.
  • The product contains a stranger smell when you open the package. It is like something is burnt.
  • The roast is not dark at all. You will never get a bold taste from this brand. So, no need to waste money.

Cafe Bustelo espresso-style dark roast coffee K cups for Keurig coffee makers

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Cafe Bustelo espresso style coffee is best to use in espresso machines because it arrives in K cup pods. You can brew it in an espresso maker. This coffee is a dark roast, and you can brew both hot and cold coffee or cappuccino and lattes with this brand.


It is a full-bodied dark roast coffee with robust flavour.
This coffee is to use with Keurig K cup brewer. 
Each k cup brews one cup of coffee.
This Keurig coffee is best to mix with sugar and milk.
It is made with 100% healthy Arabica beans.
Each set contains a pack of 6 boxes with 12 K cup pods.
It is easy to use with no mess at all. You just have to put the K cup in the espresso machine K cup holding place and then press the handle and brew. That’s it!
This one of the best coffee brands to make at home will give you a decaffeinated coffee with an authentic Latin flavour.

Pros and Cons

  • If you want a real dark roast full-bodied coffee, then this product will work for you.
  • The coffee tastes even more delicious when you add milk in it.
  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • The quality is excellent, and the quantity is high as well.
  • The product often doesn’t arrive in an arranged order. The service is so weak that the coffee pods usually come arranged in a carton in a messy order. It is not impressive at all.

Hope Coffee Guatemalan decaf whole bean coffee 

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Hope coffee is an entire bean coffee brand that is decaf. It is collected from 100% pure and directly trade Arabica beans. This company makes a direct trade with the farmers where the beans are grown and harvested. I Hope coffee owners provide clean water with their labor and give the farmers shelter to live. This is a definite plus point of this brand that urges the farmers to work more honestly for the beans’ production and harvesting.


The seeds used in coffee production are strictly high grown, high-quality Arabica beans.
The product does not include caffeine.
It is a medium roasted high-quality Guatemalan coffee.
The coffee is roasted and packed in the USA to keep the flavour and essence intact.
You can brew it in any coffee maker, but the best method will be any drip coffee brewing method or new press brewing method as the coffee is the whole bean.
This coffee is further gone under the methylene chloride process to maintain the flavour, so the taste is balanced.
It contains 2lb coffee beans in each pack.

Pros and Cons

  • The flavour and essence are great. You enjoy every sip of coffee.
  • The coffee is roasted and packed in the USA, so it is readily available.
  • The quality is high as well.
  • The flavour of the product is not overpowering. It is balanced and delicious.
  • The coffee doesn’t contain caffeine at all.

Starbucks medium roast K cup coffee pods

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Starbucks ‘ medium roast coffee is also being used widely for home. However, it is yet to see whether it is the best coffee to make at home or not? This coffee arrives in K cup pods that I am reviewing. However, it also comes in packs. The K cups are easy to use in espresso machines as you just fit them in the espresso maker and press the button to brew. 


This product is suitable for Keurig brewers as they can use it in Keurigs.
The product arrives in a box in which the K cups are arranged.
In a package, there arrive 4 boxes of 96 cups in total.
The flavour of the medium roast coffee is roasty and sweet.
The K cups are recyclable.
Cups are easy to use as you have to peel off the seal, take the coffee from inside and brew your coffee.
It is quick and gives you no mess at all.
What you find in the coffee is the essence, flavour, and smoothness of roast.
The product weighs 3.69grams.

Pros and Cons

  • The product is kosher, so there is no option whether you can use it or not. It is mentioned in the product as well.
  • The flavour is precious, and it touches nearly dark roast flavour as it has taste notes like that.
  • The price is really much affordable when you order this product online instead of buying from stores.
  • It is readily available in the USA markets.
  • The coffee flavour is the same as your taste in Starbucks cafe.
  • The older packages used to be delicious, but in recent times, Starbucks doesn’t seem to do its best. They are delivering old stock now that has lost taste, and the expiration is even of the year 2020! So, where are you supposed to use your 96 pods so soon?
  • The coffee that comes now just tastes like burnt coffee. It is more burnt in taste than a French roast. So, it is not drinkable at all.
  • The delivery is often so weak that if you order the 4 boxes, what you expect is that they will arrive in the boxes with arranged order. But what you receive is all pods scattered in the carton! Inferior service.


Making coffee at home is way more affordable than going to cafes daily and finding your favorite brew. You often get fed up with the same blend and same thing all the time. Brewing coffee at home is a thing that is followed almost by the whole world because coffee needs no introduction! However, finding the best coffee brand to make at home is something that takes time. To sort out this matter, I have mentioned some of the most selling and most reviewed brands of all time.


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Hope coffee Guatemalan is a brand that assures you to be your best coffee brand to make at home. As it is a whole bean coffee, you can grind it according to your need, whether you want a coarsely grounded coffee. However, coffee beans are 100% pure Arabica beans, and they are roasted and given medium roast. It is also packed as well as roasted in the USA. What else is impressive about this brand is that it further goes under processes for quality maintenance and taste. This 2lb product gives you delicious taste, choosing your favorite brewing method and your preferred grind. So, when are you ordering this product?


How long can a bag of coffee stay?

A bag of coffee can last for different timings depending on the coffee you are using. For example, grounded coffee stays for 3-5 months without freezer and 1-2 years in the fridge. Whole bean coffee lasts for 6-9 months without freezer and stays for 2-3 years in the freezer. Similarly, instant coffee stays for 2-20 years without freezer, and in the fridge, it lasts for an infinite time.

Can Starbucks grind coffee for you?

Yea, Starbucks grinds coffee for us. They follow the espresso required time for the best grind that is 30-35 seconds in a blade grinder.

Up to which level can we grind our coffee?

For a pour-over coffee, you can grind your coffee to a medium-coarse level. That will be quite similar to the French press grind, but it will be less chunky and more tasty and smooth instead. This medium coarsely ground is done to avoid clogging in the coffee making machine.

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