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If you are looking for a soothing and soft drink this summer, then brace yourself. That’s because you will find here the most delicious iced latte flavors of different most prominent brands and we will suggest you the best one of them. Also, have a look at Summer latte flavors.

What is the Iced Latte Flavor?

An Iced latte flavor is a cold espresso-based drink that can be a powder or in liquid form. It is just a flavor for espresso drinks. However, you cannot misinterpret it with ice coffee.

Now, if you want to make a latte drink, you just have to add any brand latte flavor in iced milk or strong espresso or double shot, and you are ready to relish! Yummy!

Iced Latte Flavors
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Our Verdict

I mostly prefer Nescafe because the dark roast will give you the delight of espresso, especially when you are having an iced latte. Also, you can easily fetch it from any grocery store or even from any online store. Furthermore, living in any country, there are more chances to find this brand latte flavors when others will be rare!

So, enjoy the hot summer with iced latte flavors and enjoy every creamy sip with Nescafe.

Nescafe Iced Latte Flavors

Iced latte flavors aren’t much different from other seasonal flavors. As when you add the most common latte flavor of every brand, that is vanilla, it tastes delicious with or without ice. Nescafe has not only made a name in providing dark roasted coffee. But it has also produced various latte flavors and even combo flavors for espresso lovers.

Vanilla Latte

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Vanilla latte is the signature flavor of Nescafe coffee brand that has got enormous reviews and love from the public.

Let’s see what this flavor has to offer.


  • Nescafe vanilla late is entirely flavored and smooth to touch the taste buds.
  • A standard latte pack arrives in 148g latte.
  • Quite luckily, there is no hydrogenated vegetable oil in this latte.
  • Each sachet of late contains skimmed milk, a quality blend of coffee, sugar, and vanilla, of course.
  • This latte is made under high observation by the expert manufacturers as they use only quality coffee beans and dry the beans naturally before manufacturing.
  • The dark roasted beans enhance the espresso taste to a large extent.

Pros and Cons

  • This latte is entirely tasty, and the powder form latte is also quite quick and easy.
  • Vanilla latte is not sugary, so anyone with diet or diabetes can also enjoy the flavor, and others can add sugar according to need.
  • The latter is cheaper in rates with the right quality products.
  • The quantity of the packets is not what is written on the box. There are six boxes written, but there are eight packets.

Skinny latte

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Skinny latte is one of the best lattes by Nescafe brand as it is smooth to taste.  This latte is entirely delicious with cream and half of the fat as compared to other lattes. The manufacturers have taken unusual care in producing the latte flavors with rich and high-quality Arabica beans.


  • The latter is furnished with skimmed milk, lactose, instant coffee, coconut oil,  sugar, natural flavor, and stabilizer (E339).
  • This latte is best for vegetarian people as there are 0% artificial flavors.
  • The latte contains eight sachets in a box.

Pros and Cons

  • This latte is smooth and frothy with an elegant taste.
  • Readily available in grocery stores.
  • Quick and delicious as the foam appears on the top that creates the image of a cafe espresso.
  • It is low in calories.
  • The powder is not easy to mix in espresso as there lumps in the mug despite stirring too much.
  • The taste is not the same as it used to be. With the new packaging, the taste is also changed. The gold edition is n’t that good for flavor.

Now, if I talk of reviewing different brands for latte flavors, every brand has taken the lead in some of the best signature flavors. What these brands are and what characteristics are top listed by them? Let’s check it out!

Starbucks Iced Latte Flavors

As always, Starbucks has won the hearts of coffee lovers not only in dealing with coffee and espresso but also in making latte flavors for customers.  Coping on a large scale worldwide, this brand has gained a vast circle of admirers and never fail to supply their famous drinks. The lattes are of those welcome drinks.

 A variety of flavors has won the coffee lover’s hearts as they can find their favorite character according to choice. As this is summer season, so iced latte flavors are taking the leads this time.

Cafe caramel latte

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Starbucks has produced the most flavorful latte that is a combination of cafe and caramel flavor so that you can relish the smooth and frothy taste. When you add it to ice, it enhances the flavor. The brand has made sure to provide you with the most relatable cafe inspired beverage at reasonable rates by making the lattes with Arabica beans. This flavor comes up with the following features.


  • The latte is a blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans.
  • Made with skimmed milk.
  • It is rich and creamy in taste.
  • Every sip gives a velvety touch that the taste buds love.
  • Not bitter at all.

Pros and cons

  • There are no artificial flavors, and the latte tastes entirely like real caramel.
  • The cafe caramel latte arrives with the flavoring and sweet and sweetening sachet, so it’s a dual pick.
  • The powder creamer is also available in the latte, so there is no need to fetch one extra.
  • The coffee beans are carefully roasted to avoid the excess oil and to deepen the latte flavor.
  • The powdered creamer is though available in the sachet, yet it is not a good idea as it is too sweet to drink.
  • There is a quality difference between the one you buy online and the one that is available in stores.
  • The coffee itself is good to taste but not the powdered latte. As there is a flavor of something like a chemical, and the powder has an artificial caramel flavor.

Vanilla latte

Vanilla latte is the most used and the most selling latte of Starbucks. It is the most common and excessively sold flavor as customers love a lighter flavor note in summer that is cold and soothing. Because the lighter note of vanilla with strong espresso and cold skimmed milk is the best thing that Starbucks’ fans want in scorching summer.


  • This latte is made with creamy skimmed milk that is a combination of latte flavor.
  •  The latte is frothy and creamy and gives the velvety touch to taste buds.
  • Each latte vanilla box consists of 8 bottles of the latte liquid.

Pros and Cons

  • The frothy and tasty latte meets the needs of drinkers as it is not too sweet.
  • The liquid isn’t thick as espresso is never thick. So the latte is natural and is what it has to be.
  • The latte is sugar-free, so you can add sugar if you want.
  • This latte is entirely watery and nothing else. You will feel like drinking water with a slight flavor of vanilla.
  • Too pricy to afford.
  • There is a plastic kind of essence, so you can’t hold it.

Tassimo iced latte flavors

Tassimo brand has brought up the everlasting joys of latte flavors when you feel bored with the casual and daily drinking flavors of coffee. Though Tassimo coffee is also outstanding and is favored worldwide, yet, the latte flavors have enlivened the espresso for the everyday espresso lovers.

Vanilla latte

Tasimmo vanilla latte is made with pure Arabia coffee beans that are roasted carefully to take care of perfect taste.

Check out it’s following features.


  • The latte is made with pure and healthy seeds.
  • The latte is soft and bubbly, and the velvety touch in every sip enhances the joy of espresso.
  • Each box arrives in with eight packets of latte.
  • This coffee-based drink is overwhelming due to the ultra-filtered cream preparation with vanilla flavor and sugar.

Pros and Cons

  • This Tassimo latte is best for those who have a casino machine at home. This will give them the best fluffy espresso to relish.
  • The taste is soothing and smooth.
  • The sugar flavor is balanced, so it’s okay if you don’t want too much sugary latte.
  • The amount of caffeine is quite less in this latte.
  • This latte is quite thin as compared to others. It feels like watery.
  • The milk pods are a huge mess. They are so tiny that they get leaked in the seed after shaking as instructed, and then there is a need for enormous cleanliness.
  • The creamer pods are also not accurate for the Tassimo machine as they block the machine and don’t let it work.

Baileys Latte Macchiato

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Bailey’s latte macchiato is the most beautiful blend of fragrance and taste, as this product is made for Tassimo users in particular. It is made with cream liqueur and a milk foam crown. It is easy to make as you only have to add two T discs in the right order in the Tassimo machine. Let’s take a view of the features that this latte offers.


  • This late is made particularly for Tassimo machines.
  • Each box contains two packs that consist of 16 portions each.
  • The latte has a rich taste and is affordable also.

Pros and Cons

  • The best thing about this latte is the prominent milk flavor that is rarely found in lattes.
  • The combination of cream foam, cream liqueur, and espresso make this latte more tempting to enjoy in summer.
  • This latte is alcohol-free.
  • The packaging is done under a highly protective environment.
  • This latte is suitable as a Tassimo coffee substitute. However, you can not enjoy it daily as it tastes a bit sick! Actually, it is overbearing. Yet, it is a good option as a treat sometimes.
  • The price is a bit much than other lattes.

Summing up

Now to conclude, if you are already facing a hot summer, then obviously you can’t compromise on your diet. So, you will need the best heat vanishing partner like the iced lattes, as I have mentioned above. But the point is, are these latte flavors the exact thing that you desire? For that, I would like to formulate a comparison as different brands offer different latte flavor varieties.

If we take an in-depth review of Nescafe, then we will find out that it doesn’t compare with other brands mentioned above. As the variety of flavor is entirely different and easily accessible. However, Bailey and Starbucks differ in tastes from Nescafe, and mainly, Bailey’s characteristics are rare to find. So, obviously, you will go for an easily accessible brand.


Why are iced lattes expensive than fall or summer lattes?

Well, they are not naturally expensive than the other two. It’s just because at a restaurant, they serve you with straw and another garnishing. However, if you buy a latte for home, it is not expensive at all.

What are skinny lattes? Are they different from other lattes?

Skinny lattes are no more different from other lattes except being sugar-free. These are best for diet and diabetes.

Are lattes unhealthy to drink? Should they be avoided?

Lattes are not meant to be harmful to health. However, it depends on the brands you are using and their making procedure. You can use any good brand for daily use.


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