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Before posting anything please must read

Tayyaba Akhtar
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Welcome To 10folks Forums. Please read carefully before posting in a forum.

Questions & Answers Guidelines:

  • If you are asking questions and answers, write clearly with correct spelling and no grammatical mistakes.
  • It should not promote a business or service.
  • Do not Spam otherwise you will be blocked from posting. User account can be banned forever if you are posting continues spamming content and hate content.
  • Moderators can delete if questions does not make sense or beyond the topic.
  • Do not post short links, otherwise your post will be deleted.

Rules To Follow:

  • No short links are allowed.
  • If you are posting an article from other website, must add reference to the website. Copy pasted content without link will not allowed
  • Answers with just a link to follow are not allowed.
  • Spam is not allowed.
  • No irrelevent content.
  • No hate content, do not try to share any member privacy into forum. Any bad words will be deleted. 


If anything is unclear, feel free to ask any questions under this topic here.

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