Caramel craze iced latte

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Caramel craze iced latte
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Iced Latte

The iced latte is a simple cold espresso-based drink, do not be misunderstand with iced coffee.

Iced coffee is sweet, not much solid, ice cream or beaten cream is present on the top.

Caramel craze iced latte

It is the signature drink of Dunkin’s which announced on Tuesday along with two more flavors. You can choose the flavor according to your taste bud either hot or cold.

Moreover, Latte is rich in flavor and exciting toppings, handcrafted artful presentation, and a smooth taste. It is a milk drink and has a smooth taste.

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Difference between caramel craze iced latte and coffee

Iced latte contains more milk than coffee. For iced latte either espresso or strong form, coffee used with chilled milk and serve with lots of ice in a glass.

Caramel craze iced latte VS iced coffee

Iced coffee contains a small portion of milk if you want whereas iced latte has a small amount of coffee.

As per ratio, an iced latte has 1:8 coffee to milk ratio

Ingredients of caramel craze iced latte and iced coffee

It is a combination of two-thirds steamed milk with a shot of signature espresso and cover with whipped cream, caramel sprinkle, and cinnamon sugar.

The iced latte consists of espresso shots with milk and ice whereas iced coffee tends to be sweet is a combination of ice and less than four ounces of milk.

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Calories in one cup of caramel craze iced latte

One small cup of Caramel iced latte contains a total of 300 calories with milk which includes 11 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbs, 06 grams of saturated fat, cholesterol 35 milligrams, sodium 130 milligrams, carbohydrates 43 grams, 39 grams of sugar and 08 grams of protein.

Stir the latte is good or bad?

Most people stir their latte before drinking which is not recommended. Because by adding steamed milk into the espresso to make the latte, it is already thoroughly mixed. So no need to stir the coffee anymore. 

Perfect caramel craze iced latte

Furthermore, to make a perfect latte, milk should be hot enough 135-150 degrees and has a thin layer of micro-foam. For iced latte 1-2 particles of espresso, 8-14 particles of cold milk and ice.

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Caramel craze iced latte sweet or bitter?

Similarly, latte itself is not a sweet drink. People drink it plain or add sugar in it. A lot of people ordered their favorite flavors like vanilla, caramel, raspberry, toffee nut, strawberry, peppermint, etc.

Caffeine in one cup of caramel craze iced latte

A small size cup may include a 01 shot of espresso for a total of 77mg of caffeine. Normally coffee bars use a dual espresso shot in a 16 fl.oz latte. Latte is only steamed milk and with 01 or numerous shots of espresso.

Caramel craze iced latte vs caramel macchiato

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Comparatively, ingredients of caramel craze iced latte and caramel macchiato are the same but the order is different. For the caramel craze latte, add hot steamed milk over the espresso and for caramel macchiato put milk in a cup and then add espresso shots.

Latte is a coffee drink consisting of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam on another side there is no steamed milk in espresso and add a small amount of form milk to make macchiato.

Froth milk vs simple milk for caramel craze iced latte

Use cold milk for caramel craze iced latte to make your latte fast as compared to the hot latte. Steamed hot milk melts the ice so no need to forth the milk for an iced latte.

To help the milk to stabilize, we need to slow down molecules motion. The simple way to do that is to cool them down. Frothing adds heat through friction so it is not as cold when we have done. So colder is better.


Additionally, iced coffee contains a high amount of caffeine which activates your intestine. According to the research, caffeine makes intestine 60% more active than water and 23% more active than decaf caffeine. Caffeine is a great energy booster.

Health Effects

Latte comes directly from coffee bean and not filter properly in result it has high calories, caffeine, and cafestol which boost the cholesterol. To drink latte regularly is not a good idea.

Iced latte vs cappuccino

The main difference between the iced latte and a coffee cappuccino is milk quantity. Cappuccino has strong coffee whereas latte has a lot of milk.

For cappuccino, 1/3 part of espresso, 1/3 part of steamed milk and 1/3 part add foam milk.

A cappuccino consists of one shot of espresso and serve with a thick layer of milk form. It is a smaller and stronger drink.

Latte is large and has a milder coffee to milk ratio.

Additionally, Cappuccino has lower calories than a latte and a small amount of calcium because of the milk/froth ratio.

Shots are in a latte
  1. Tall latte, one shot of espresso
  2. Grande latte, two shots of espresso
  3. Venti latte, three shots of espresso
Latte helps you to lose weight

At the University of Nottingham, According to Medicine’s School, drinking a cup of coffee can encourage brown fat which burns calories to produce body heat.

Steps to make caramel craze iced latte

  1. Take all ingredients
  2. Put your espresso coffee shot in latte mug and put flavored sauce, if required
  3. Pour the bottom 2/3 of milk from the jug into the mug and add ice
Price for caramel craze iced latte

The Price of caramel craze iced latte depends on the size of the latte cup.

Vanilla Caramel Powder Coffee Creamer

Starbucks vs Dunkin’Donuts

  • Starbucks is a bit expensive and charge extra for additional toppings like sugar, milk, cream, caramel, etc
  • Everyone loves free food and your desire will fulfill at Dunkin’. Follow the simple instruction on your Dunkin’s receipt and get a free donut on the purchase of medium drink next time.
  • According to the consumer’s report of a blind taste test, Dunkin’ has a better taste as compared to Starbucks. 

Starbucks Caramel Caffè Latte for Keurig Brewers

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