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 Having a cup of delicious coffee on a rainy day is something ideal. Any other hot or cold drink can’t replace the relish and craving of this coffee, whether it is hot or cold weather. Then if you have this much craze for coffee, try to brew it with the best technique and fetch the richest coffee. How? Well, try the traditional coffee brewing method by using the French press. Instead of using this traditional technique, many people are still unable to get the best brew out of the coffee beans they use. Now the question arises here that which one is the best pre-ground Coffee for the French press? You don’t need to go anywhere else. Check your answer with the review of the best pre-ground coffee for French press below!

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Peet’s Coffee, the best coffee brand for French Press

Peet’s coffee is one of the most popular pre grounded coffee brands that delivers dark roast coffee with rich taste. This coffee is one of the best choices to use in your French press.

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Peet’s coffee contains the collection of the best Arabica beans that are collected from the best regions of the world. These beans have delightful essence, rich taste, and this brand is perfect for people who love dark coffee. For the most flavorful cups, these beans are roasted by hands, and they are processed in small batches to keep the quality maintenance.


  • To make the finest cup of this dark roast coffee, you have to add 2 tablespoons of 10 grams of coffee in 6 ounces of water.
  • Peet’s Coffee is the world’s best dark roast coffee with a complex blend, rich taste, and the finest quality. It is a full-bodied coffee.
  • The specialty of this Coffee is the richness of the beans and the smoky and bitter flavor that is the signature of a dark roast coffee.
  • This coffee has a weight of 18 ounces.

Pros and Cons

  • Peet’s never forgets to make a whole complex roasted coffee that works like fine wine. The taste is always delicious.
  • No matter if you make the coffee hot, or consume it at room temperature or even keep it cold. It tastes equally powerful and strong and suits all the temperatures.
  • The flavor is smooth; however, it is a dark roast coffee, yet you don’t feel something bitter or unpleasing going into your mouth.
  • However, Peet’s Coffee has always been a perfect brew, particularly for the French press. The new edition is somewhat different. Although the flavor is still nice, yet the richness is not something that was before.
  • If you buy it from any official site, it is more likely to get the expired one. So, always buy it from the best market near you or order it online from Amazon.
  • The expiry date of the coffee is very strange. The maximum time you get for use is only 3 weeks! If you order it from their official site, you are more tend to get it 5 days earlier than the silly expiry date!

Amazon Colombia Pre-grounded Coffee For French Press

Amazon fresh Colombia pre-grounded Coffee is a medium roast coffee that comes up medium to dark roast as well.

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This medium roast coffee has the following features:


  • The product comes in a pack of  12 ounces.
  • These Decaf Colombia coffee beans are equally delicious, whether you brew Coffee in a Chemex, French press, or do a hand brew at room temperature, use drip coffee maker, or an automatic espresso machine.
  •  The product comes with a one year guarantee.
  • The beans are professionally roasted separately in batches, and the roast creates flavor and taste to relish you.
  • To give you long-lasting freshness, this coffee is packed right after roasting.
  • The coffee is best for those who prefer medium acidity with a fuller body of taste.
  • The Coffee contains 100% Arabica beans.
  •  The product weight is 2.25 pounds.

Pros and Cons

  • The coffee is a full package of the essence and velvety notes.
  • The package contains 3 packs of this coffee (12 ounces each) that are decaffeinated.
  • It is not an expensive deal at all.
  • The resealable packaging is easy and friendly.
  • This coffee is also very good when you make iced tea and want a cafe like a flavor.
  • The taste is mild, and it is not something that you can call a medium roast at all.
  • However, the price is pocket friendly, but you have to add 50% more amount of coffee than you actually use.
Best Pre-Ground Coffee For French Press
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Lavanta Coffee Roasters

Lavanta coffee roaster will be the best choice for you if you have enough time for roasting and grounding coffee. That’s because this green bean coffee is not roasted, and you can roast it according to your own choice whether you want a light roast, medium, or dark roast.

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 The best thing about this coffee is that you can get the same delicious spicy and wine type of taste, no matter how much you roast the coffee beans. The chocolate notes relish the coffee, and the smoothness of the coffee leaves you speechless.


  • The coffee arrives green in a transparent pack that can be adjusted anywhere with no problem at all.
  • The beans used in the coffee are 100% Arabica beans.
  • These beans are collected from all organized locations, as it is a full-bodied coffee.
  • The beans are collected from Ethiopia as it is the main ground for coffee because the word coffee was derived from the south Western island Kaffa.
  • Lavanta coffee is a direct trade coffee as it is provided directly to the market with the cooperation of farmers, of course, by keeping in view the quality.
  • The product comes in the amount of 2lbs in each pack.
  • It is affordable, so you don’t have to pay so much money to buy the beans only and go through all the process later.

Pros and Cons

  • Lavanta coffee beans are of good quality and hygienic for use.
  • The beans are organic, and they are 100% Arabica beans.
  • The bag is easily adjustable in small spaces.
  • Whether you give them a light, medium, or dark roast, you will enjoy spicy notes like pepper with chocolate flavor.
  • The best thing about the coffee is that once you roast them, you can pack them for more than a year.
  • The expiry date is for several years once you open the pack so you can consume and save it for any season.
  • Lately, when you check the roasted beans packed in an airtight container, the beans will have their natural oil. That is a strong plus because once you brew Coffee in a French press, you will need the richness and beans’ oil for a perfect cup.
  • The essence is also inspiring.
  • Sometimes, the company delivers really bad quality products that don’t contain any Arabica beans. Instead, the beans are of poor quality and thin like they are the rejected ones. This should be taken into notice.

To sum up

Using a French press is not a child’s play. It requires technique and practice. Also, choosing the right coffee brand for the French press requires a deep awareness of the right coffee beans that can give you rich taste, quality, health, and smoothness. So which brand shall you try? Check it out!


Lavanta whole bean pre-roasted pre-ground Coffee

Lavanta is a pre-grounded coffee, and it requires time and technique to roast the beans. It is the best choice for having a variety of different roasts and deliciously spicy and chocolaty taste. Once you learn how to roast the beans(which is not really difficult), you will be able to roast the beans of any type and store it for later use.

As the beans are 100% Arabica beans, so the quality is guaranteed. However, if you face the problem of having low-quality beans somehow, as mentioned above, you can get them replaced by the new and fresh one in no time. So buy the green Lavanta coffee beans as the best pre-ground Coffee for the French press now!

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