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Having a cup of delicious coffee twice or thrice a day is something that almost everyone loves to have. But having a delicious coffee with a rich taste all the time is something that everyone loves, but it is tricky to have one! Agree? Then why not make a favorite beverage in the French press? As everyone knows, the french press only makes rich coffee.
But many people avoid using French press not because they don’t know the taste of French press made coffee, but because they don’t want to work really hard for brewing just a cup or two. Can you use a French press coffee maker for that? Yes! I’m talking about Alfred French Press Coffee Maker that is the life of every coffee lover. Check out the model Alfred coffee maker has designed. Read More about French press with preground coffee.

Alfred But First Coffee French Press Coffee Maker

Alfred French press coffee maker is a promising coffee maker to give you quality with quantity in the minimum price range under $50.

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The design of the French press coffee maker provides a unique look with shine and grace. The whole body of the coffee maker is consists of stainless steel. It makes sure to brew coffee from each bean by pressing the seeds onside without extra oil. This avoids clogging.

Check out the features of this coffee maker.

Features of Alfred But First Coffee French Press Coffee Maker

  • This coffee maker is transparent so you can see what is happening inside like every coffee lover wants to do while brewing coffee.
  • This coffee maker looks precisely like a mug, and you can handle it easily with lesser weight.
  • As it can be treated like a mug, you can place it anywhere in the kitchen.
  • This coffee maker weighs 15.2 ounces.
  • The mug of this coffee maker is made from transparent glass, as mentioned above.
  • There is a ring of stainless steel holding the mug fixed in it and forming a holder to hold the cup.
  • It has a steel lid as well.
  • If you want a creamy and velvety coffee in no time, then doing a little bit of work on this machine will pay off.
  • The French press makes sure to deliver the right amount of coffee without any excess oil so that you may not suffer from clogging afterward.
  • The foam of this coffee remains the same from the first sip to the last, unlike many other coffee makers.

However, with all these features of Alfred French press coffee maker, there are some pros and cons. So, check them out.

Pros and Cons

  • The coffee maker works pretty well if you pour slowly, you will be able to get a better brew.
  • The single nut below the surface of the coffee maker holds the whole product tightly, so you don’t have to tackle so many nuts.
  • The beaker easily slides away for cleaning purposes, and it stays on the place snugly where you leave it.
  • What is exciting about the coffee maker is the taste and texture it delivers, which is mostly like having a professional brew at home.
  • This coffee maker is blamed for being fragile as it breaks easily, even when you tap it on the steel sink. A horrible crack occurs with a single tapping, and the glass refuses to brew coffee.
  • The plastic lid with the steel bar on the top gets separated in a few uses. It looks like they were slightly attached together for a short period.
  • The handle of the machine receives separated all of a sudden, and you become unable to brew from the cup. The glue also doesn’t work on it either.
  • The nut that is mentioned above is the only nut in this coffee maker. Still, it comes out that means you will get coffee more into pieces all over. Because this nut holds all the main parts of the machine together, so you won’t love to take the risk of a cheap but risky coffee maker.
  • The filter of this coffee maker is tough to clean, and it is a whole mess because of its sharp edges that won’t let you clean the machine.
  • The beaker breaks easily enough to surprise you. You just try to use the device, and what you get is a cracked beaker. As it is stated on the box that ‘don’t use the cup if it’s broken’, so you are left with no choice at all!
  • The coffee grounds also fall from the screen. It looks like the whole machine is flimsy and ready to shatter as soon as you pack it.


On the whole, if you have no other choice, this will work for you; however, it’s the risk to order it online if you are not getting a replacement in the USA.


If you have a reasonable budget and can afford a French press coffee maker under $100. I recommend you to buy a good and reliable build machine. However, if you are low on a budget and these machines are your only choice. So, that you can change or return it if you have some complaints regarding this coffee maker.


Is French press coffee good to drink?

Yes, this coffee gives not only the best and creamy taste but also the rich nutrients in the beans with its own natural oil.

Is it right to use a French press coffee maker, or should we use a coffee making machine?

Using a coffee-making device has its own ease and benefits. It is mainly designed for the comfort of brewing. However, the French press coffee maker gives a richer taste as it brews till the last drop. Nonetheless, you can use a good coffee machine that brews like a French press.

How many cups can we brew from Alfred French press coffee maker in a day?

It depends on the product quality you have received. If you got a good coffee maker, it helps you brew more than 5 cups a day, though there is no limit.

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