4 Best Coffee Brewing Methods

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Brewing coffee is not a very difficult task at all. However, it is somewhat tricky, But if you are following the reliable techniques of brewing coffee and using the best quality coffee, you can have your java of love. Now, talking about the coffee brewing method, there are 4 best coffee brewing methods that people mostly follow. Besides them, there are also many other brewing methods, but I’m going to share the best one in this article.

Your coffee brewing technique not only does affect the taste but also, there can be changes in the nutrients and amount of caffeine and richness of the coffee as well. You can also read about classic coffee cocktails here.

Also, I will review the best coffee makers for these popular 4 best coffee brewing methods in detail. Stay connected!

Brewing Coffee Using French Press Coffee Maker

Using a French press coffee maker is the best and traditional way of brewing coffee. It has been using for centuries since the French press was invented. People believe that if you have to brew the creamy and delicious coffee using high-quality beans, you can use a French press to brew coffee.

The best thing about using a French press is that you can have the purest cup of coffee. Because in a French press, the coffee beans have direct contact with the water instead of passing through filters. So the taste, richness, and caffeine you get are all real and secure for you.

Furthermore, the French press coffee brewing method is also safe for health. Instead of passing through the bleached filters, the coffee deals only with the stainless steel internal body or a glass of the French press.

4 Best Coffee Brewing Methods
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How to use a French press?

Using a French press is not difficult at all. However, you will need some practice to make it handier to use. Firstly, add 2 tablespoons of coarsely grounded coffee with a round spoon. Then add boiled water after 10-15 seconds of boiling, so the temperature is not extreme. You have to leave at least 1 inch of space till the carafe is full. Remember, you have to use a medium ground coffee. That’s because using a thickly grounded coffee will clog the filters and the thin ground coffee will pass through the staining filter and you will never like crisp in every draught. So, this is very important to remember.

Now stir the water with a plastic or a wooden spoon gently. Put the plunger unit on the top. Put the lid on, and don’t press the plunger at once. Leave it for 4 minutes. Then gently press the plunger, and there you have a delicious cafe like coffee at home!

This coffee boiling method in a French press also preserves the antioxidants in the coffee like chlorogenic acids that are the reason to protect against diseases like dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. The amount of caffeine used in each cup of French press made coffee is 107.5mg on an 8oz cup.

Check out the trending French press coffee maker for the best brew!

QUQIYSO upgraded French press Coffee Maker

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Quqiyso upgraded French press coffee maker consists of transparent French press with a heat resistant body. This French press comes up in copper, black, and silver color. The French press consists of glass that is transparent so you can see what is happening inside. Of course, this is the leading point for every brewer. The steel frame holds the glass for protection.


  • The French press can withstand the extreme temperature of up to 302°F.
  • The stainless steel frame is the tripod design that keeps the French press balance stable and withstands pressures and sudden falls.
  • The metal used in this French press is 304 grade, and it can bear any bends or rust.
  • The carafe consists of borosilicate glass that handles the boiling water.
  • It is small in size, so you can take it on tour with you.
  • The French press carafe has an exact scale line so you can see the exactly needed cup.
  • It comes up with a whole package of a spoon, 2 extra filter screens, 2 glass coffee cups, 1 milk frother, 1 extended handle.
  • The item has a weight of 2.35 pounds.

Pros and Cons

  • The best thing about this French press is that it comes up with 2 free espresso cups that are cute and adorable.
  • The coffee made in this French press tastes just like a cafe bought coffee.
  • The body of this French press is beautifully made. It has a lovely color variety with a sturdy glass carafe and a stripe design with a tripod stand. Overall, this French press is aesthetically designed.
  • The lid fits tightly and keeps the coffee hot for a long time.
  • The carafe is quite large, so you can brew many cups at a time.
  • The coffee maker has a sponge to clean it, and it is also easy to clean.
  • The problem with this coffee maker is that you may have coffee grounds in your coffee if you are not an expert.
  • The glass carafe of the coffee maker may fall easily, so you need to tighten the screw. But the screw is a fail because the glass still doesn’t fit in the frame. So, you have to be very careful while using it.
4 Best Coffee Brewing Methods
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Brewing Coffee Using an Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

This automatic drip coffee maker is the most commonly used coffee making machine that is available almost in every living place. People use this drip coffee maker in electronic form because they add the ingredients at night and set the alarm when they need the brew. In the morning, as the alarm rings, the coffee starts brewing by itself, so people save time in the morning.

 Another benefit of this coffee maker is that, despite delivering a little less delicious coffee compared to the French press, it has the filters that keep the oil from getting into your cup from the beans. Because this oily compound stops cholesterol regulating receptors in the harmful intestine.

As far as the bleached filters are concerned, high-quality drip coffee makers use white paper filters that are not bleached and safer to use. The amount of caffeine in this machine-made coffee is almost 145g per cup. That’s high because the coffee is dipped in hot water for a longer time.

How to use a drip coffee maker?

For brewing coffee in an automatic drip coffee maker, you first have to grind coffee in medium particle size. Then place the filter in the filter basket that comes with the machine. Now you have to add a tablespoon of coffee on a paper filter. If you want a full-bodied coffee, then you will use a permanent filter for the purpose. This amount of coffee ( 2 tablespoons) is for a cup. Now you have to add cold water to the reservoir for a cup of 6 ounces. Now just press the start button for the brewing cycle and let the automatic drip coffee maker work.

Check out the best automatic drip coffee maker that will help you brew the perfect java for you.

Barestto automatic drip coffee maker

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Barestto automatic drip coffee maker has a built-in burr coffee grinder that grinds the coffee and then brews. This machine has a removable filter basket and a programmable timer mode, which is a whole package of ultimate features.


  • This machine has a warm plate that keeps the carafe warm for a long time.
  • There is a 1.5L liter large capacity water tank that allows you to brew 10 cups of coffee at a time.
  • As there is a burr grinder inside the machine, so you have a choice of brewing coffee with grounded coffee or whole bean coffee.
  • The machine has a timer mode that helps you get a coffee in the early morning when you are always short of time. You can set the time when you want the coffee ready and get the brewing at the exact time. When brewing is done, the machine will give you an alert alarm as well.
  • The company gives you a 2-year warranty. If you have some trouble with the machine, you can contact the manufacturers for replacement or repair.
  • This drip coffee maker comes with 1 scoop, 1 instruction, and 1 glass coffee pot.
  •  The machine has a weight of 3.2 pounds.

Pros and Cons

  • The quality of the machine is impressive.
  • The design is so attractive and looks good in person.
  • The machine keeps the water warm, even for half a day, so you can also take it to the office.
  • The machine is quite handy and quick to use.
  • It has an auto shut off if somehow you forget to turn it off.
  • The coffee this machine brews is actually bitter that not everyone likes.

Brewing Coffee with Pour-Over Coffee Maker

The Pour over coffee-making method is also one of the most commonly used brewing methods in the 4 best coffee brewing methods. It is best for a full-bodied and robust coffee; that’s why many people consider it the best brewing method.

With this method, you get a strong coffee because the beans you are using get wet equally, and you get extra flavor and sweet notes from the beans. Using this poor over brewing method, you gain control over tastes, water temperature, and strength. The filters in the pour-over machines remove the in necessary oil from the beans, extra money parts of seeds, sediment, and fatty acids.

How to brew coffee using a pour-over?

To use a pour-over, first, you have to grind your beans. Then boil water and wait for 30 seconds after boiling. Now set a paper filter and a pour-over brewer and put the ground beans on the screen. Then put water on it that you have just cooked. The coffee grounds will bloom like a dough, and your pour-over brewed coffee is ready. Put it in a mug and enjoy! This is the most essential tip to brew a coffee in a pour-over.

Check out one of the trending pour over machines for coffee brewing below:

OXO Brew Single Serve Dripper Auto-Drip Pour-Over Coffee Maker

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Oxo brew single-serve  pour over coffee maker comes with a water tank, and it serves a single cup at a time. This dripping pour over coffee maker  has a flat bottom in a ring style so that you can place it over any mug to get the brew out of it. It is easily adjustable on a variety of mug sizes. The scale reading on the dripper is visible so that you can brew the exact amount of coffee and keep the ratio of water in the notice. The water tank of this coffee maker is designed to precisely control the water flow over the grounds.


  • The water tank of this pour-over coffee maker has individual holes in the middle of the container that spread water evenly over the grounds.
  • The lid of this coffee maker is as double as tray and keeps the heat inside.
  • For an ideal brew, two different hole sizes evenly regulate the water distribution.
  • The coffee maker has ribbed walls that help the coffee flow for an ideal brew.
  • There are amazingly 10 OXO coffee filters to start the brew.
  • The coffee maker also uses standard #2 cone coffee filters.
  • This dripper coffee maker has a weight of 7.7 ounces

Pros and Cons

  • The design is fantastic, and the color is lovely as well. It is very lightweight to hold and place over a mug.
  • The coffee maker sits comfortably on a mug, so you don’t have to get an exclusive mug for brewing. Just place it over any size and brew your cup.
  • The paper filters and the 10 OXO filters are reliable to use as there is no fear of bleached filters.
  • The cone filters are love. You don’t need to stand by the coffee machine to wait and add more water. The water passes through all the filters to the grounds in the cone.
  • The coffee made with this machine is delicious and rich in flavor.
  • The machine is easy to handle. The handle is comfortable to hold. The grey line on the funnel is probably made to hide the coffee stains on the white machine.
  • It takes only five minutes to brew a great cup of joy.
  • Very easy and straightforward to clean.
  • The only problem with this coffee maker is that the holes in the reservoir are too narrow, so the water mostly spreads in the middle and not on the side.

Brewing Coffee Using Aeropress

Aeropress method is also one of the most popular of  4 best coffee brewing methods. This brewing method is being used since 2005. An Aeropress is made of plastic, and it contains three parts.

A filter is at the bottom of the brew chamber, where coffee grounds rest for water until they mix together. When these two ingredients are mixed, you press the plunger from above, which creates air pressure, and the coffee is brewed through the filter into the cup.

This is how simple it is. The best benefit of this coffee maker is that travelers should pack it and take anywhere with you. It is easy to clean, as well.

4 Best Coffee Brewing Methods
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How to use an Aeropress?

For brewing, first of all, you have to boil 7oz or 200g of water. Then take 15-18 grams of grounded coffee. Now add a paper filter to the detachable plastic cap of Aeropress. The best tip here is to pass some hot water through the screen so that the filter gets attached to the cap nicely and also the vessel gets warm.

Join the Aeropress parts together and place it on a weight scale to weigh it. Also, you have to put it so that the numbers printed on the Aeropress are upside down. The Aeropress must be dry.

Add the grounds in the Aeropress, avoid any mess on the top gutter then add water of double quantity than the fields. If the coffee grounds are 15g, then add water 30g. Let the grounds sit and tamper them if the surface is not even. After 30 seconds, add the remaining water and fill the chamber to the top.

Now fasten the cap, and turn the Aeropress upside down carefully and place over your mug. Push the vessel downwards, and you will hear a hissing sound once the coffee is all brewed. So the coffee is ready!

Check out the best Aeropress for this brewing method.

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

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This Aeropress coffee and espresso maker delivers rich and tasty coffee without bitterness, each press delivers up to 3 cups. You can get a full-bodied, smooth coffee in no time now.


  • This coffee maker works better than a French press because it breeds coffee and espresso-type coffees for lattes and cappuccino in less than a minute.
  • Its package includes a stirrer, funnel,  scoop, 350 microfilters, and a filter holder.
  • It is lightweight and durable, so you can use it and take it anywhere you want.
  • Cleaning this coffee maker is very easy.
  • It has microfiber, which means 0% grit in your cup.
  •  The machine has a weight of 6.4 ounces.

Pros and Cons

  • It is easy and portable to use.
  • The cleaning of this coffee maker is also effortless.
  • The coffee maker is very cheap at the rate but excellent in quality.
  • Very budget-friendly machine.
  • Comes up with a complete package of filters and filter holders.
  • The biggest flaw is that you don’t get the cream in the coffee when it is made in this machine.
  • The flavor of the coffee depends totally on the beans you use or the methods you follow. The machine itself does not give a delicious brew.


In this century, there wouldn’t be any home where coffee is not used. With a variety of coffee brands, there are a variety of coffee brewing methods, among which the 4 best coffee brewing methods are mentioned above. But if you have to follow any one of the above brewing methods, which one would you use?

Among the 4 best coffee brewing methods, I would say Pour-Over would be the best idea of brewing to go with. That’s because you will get quality coffee with the richest flavor and crema in no time. Also, it won’t be a mess, and you wouldn’t need to pay much for a vibrant and healthy brew with paper filters.


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If you want to follow the pour-over coffee brewing method, get the OXO Brewing Pour-Over, Coffee Maker. With a water tank right now and try the best prep pour-over brewing mentioned above way! 


How much coffee should be used for a cup?

According to the golden ratio of coffee, you should use 6 ounces of water for 2 tablespoons of coffee. This will give a balanced flavor.

How much coffee should be used for 4 cups?

As stated above, the balanced ratio for each cup is 2 tablespoons of coffee for 6 ounces of water. You can increase the amount of coffee and water according to this ratio.

How much is coffee consumption safe for health daily?

As for daily, you can consume 400mg of coffee. This is roughly the amount of caffeine that you can consume in 2 energy shot drinks, 10 cans of cola.

Does coffee help in burning fat?

Yes, coffee is very helpful in burning fat. Because it stimulates the body’s fat-burning cells that are called brown cells. In this way, it results in weight loss.

Does coffee affect cholesterol?

If your coffee is unfiltered, it will increase harmful cholesterol in the body. However, if it is filtered, then the cholesterol removing substances are boosted in the body.


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